What Happens When Reddit Thinks Anita Sarkeesian Spent $1000 On Shoes

This is majestic. Seriously, this is like a trip to a theater. Someone on Reddit posted a photoshop of Tropes Against Women director and star Anita Sarkeesian's twitter feed. They'd made it seem as if she'd spent $1,000 of her kickstarter funded budget on a pair of Prada shoes.

In response, Reddit acted like… well, Reddit. Using this as an excuse to admonish her for not sticking to an arbitrary schedule they decided was appropriate.

The best comment in the entire thread comes from user "Fawful" who, without any sense of irony, states:

"Doin a real good job there of ending sexism, Anita. Not perpetuating stereotypes in the slightest

edit: I rescind my statement partially if this is fake, but she stilled pulled a runner with a shitload of money."

It is lovely that someone can make a horrible statement attempting to normalise gender roles and assume it's the other party that's making stereotypes stick. Not only that, but to try and defend their inaccurate statement with an even worse one.

It's followed closely by this gem from "shitler420":

"Anita Sarkeesian is a master troll. Like master troll of the internet.

She has not only pissed off your typical dude gamers to no end, but she scammed over 100,000 dollars telling feminazis what they want to hear through youtube videos. There is a market here people."

Even if Anita never makes a single Tropes Against Women video, the money she raised was well spent. She did more than she set out to do in examining the role of women in video gaming, she unearthed and became a lighting rod for all of the horrible misogyny endemic to gaming culture. Seriously. Even if nothing ever comes out she's earned that cash 10 times over already.

 Lastly, some cool Victim Blaming from Rhodes Scholar "Jovial_Gorilla"

"She faked this pic to get everyone on Reddit to start calling her misogynistic slurs and start "harassing" her again."

Makes sense. Everyone would actively choose for that to happen to them. Can't blame her, really.

Anyway, you'll see the first episode of Tropes vs Women later this month. We feel assured that there'll be more people with interesting opinions after it hits.