Quantum Break’s Xbox One X Patch Is 95GB

Looking to play Remedy Entertainment’s third-person shooter, Quantum Break on your Xbox One X? If so, you’re going to need a whole lot of space to store the Xbox One X upgrade patch.

According to an Xbox One subreddit, the game’s patch will take up 95GB of storage on your system. The total install size will be 102.6GB of space. If you additionally install the TV show experience, the space it takes up on your hard drive goes up to 178.1GB.

It’s absolutely ridiculous that developers are requiring so much space for patches, especially considering Quantum Break released nearly a year ago (surely enough time to come up with a better-compressed patch?) and that many players across the globe don’t have internet fast enough to download huge patch size in a single sitting. That and the shooter hasn’t been hailed as the most groundbreaking title either – I mean, is it really worth taking up nearly 20% of your Xbox One X storage?

With developers releasing continuously releasing new patches at massive sizes, this 95GB upgrade size is indicative of the problem most gamers are facing today. Hopefully, studios will be able to find better compression methods for these downloads until next gen.