Face Your Pop-Culture Demons in Odd Gods

If isometric, demon-slaying adventures that span the universe sounds like your cup of tea, look no further than Odd Gods. Developed by Melbourne outfit Inn Between WorldsOdd Gods absorbs the vestiges of nineties subculutures, letting players align themselves with goth, slacker, nerd, jock or skateboarder before embarking on a deeply personal voyage across decaying worlds. We’re betting these kids are the Dungeons & Dragons types…

Although Odd Gods is still in early developmental stages, it’s being created by industry vets with experience working with BioWare, EA, THQ, and Irrational Games, and has gained the support of Film Victoria, Many Monkeys Development and Signal Noise.

Odd Gods will have a dedicated PAX Aus booth available for interested members of the public to sample its dimension-hopping magic. Head on down to Booth 50 for a hands-on demo.

PAX Aus takes place from October 27-29 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Those interested can purchase badges here.