Off-Beat Adventure Night in the Woods Confirmed for Smartphones

Night in the Woods developer Inifinite Fall announced via Twitter that the cartoonish adventure game would be releasing for mobile.

Originally launched as a multi-platform title for PC, Mac, Linux and PlayStation 4, Night in the Woods was met with very positive reviews that praised its exposition of serious issues without completely abandoning a more playful, charming story that encompasses the true meaning of friendship.

As college-dropout Mae Borowski, players return to Possum Springs, a home town on the brink of ruin. Things are strange, but its more than just the skyrocketing rates of unemployment that you’ll have to worry about. Reuniting with old friends reveals an aura of aimlessness that’s infected every anthropomorphic townsperson. One night, Mae is invited to a party in the woods, which turns out to be a very fateful evening indeed.

Night in the Woods is expected to release sometime during 2018.