Dynamic First-Person Adventure Die Young is a Gory, Mediterranean Escape

You awake, throat parched, belly rumbling, amidst the beautiful fields of a secluded Mediterranean island. It’s a far cry from the life of affluence you’re acquainted with. But nothing—nothing could have adequately prepared you for the bloody primalism of these forsaken wilds…

So begins the tale of Die Young, IndieGala’s open-world survival romp with a young girl (Daphne) at the helm. You’ll need to run, jump and climb in an epic struggle for survival, but without tools or shelter, escaping, and not merely existing, is your only real option.

IndieGala recently announced a High Tower update, which injects an additional four hours of gameplay content into the main game. The latest Steam patch outlines a list of changes, including recalibrated generic AI behaviour, the addition of extra solider NPCs, as well as bats and raptors joining the cast of predators.

There’s a definite environmentalist slant in Die Young’s Gamescom trailer, which hints at the consequences of living in excess. In the penultimate moments, it closes with a message about discovering your true self.

Die Young is currently in early access, and is expected to fully release for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 by the end of 2017. Those interested can purchase Die Young through Steam for $14.99 USD.