Nintendo’s Stock Price Is Worth More Than Sony

Today gaming powerhouse Nintendo has officially taken over Sony with regards to stock price per unit on the market.

Industry analyst Serkan Toto, says that this is due to the current market capitalization of Sony which stands at USD46.3 million, while Nintendo’s market capitalization is 9 million dollars higher than Sony, at USD54.6 million.

This is likely due to the release of both Nintendo’s highly anticipated hybrid console, the Switch as well as the recently released SNES classic. As a result of these two console as well as the game’s accompanying it, Nintendo sees its share price hit a 9 year high.

Statistics like this draw more attention to the company, thus resulting in greater financial backing. Perhaps we should’ve invested in Nintendo during the WiiU’s dismal performance?


In other Nintendo news, The Evil Within Creator wants to see this year’s sequel make it’s way to the Switch.

‘The Evil Within was a successful survival horror title from development studio, Tango Gameworks. Developed under director Shinji Mikami, the mastermind behind some of the early Resident Evil titles, fans of horrifying narrative and gameplay was in for a treat with his latest creation.’