Lush Sci-Fi Multiplayer Pantropy Launching Kickstarter Next Month

You might well be wrapped up in the magic of Destiny 2, but there’s another sci-fi multiplayer you should have on your radar.

Brain Stone GmbH’s Pantropy is a faction based adventure that blends FPS and RPG genres, and is soon to be on kickstarter. It’s set inside an exotic alien word teeming with craftable resources, vicious fauna, and mechanical technologies. Amidst an ever present struggle for survival, players must group up with friends and build their own bases, engage in PvP and PvE battles, and explore the multiple different biomes. The RPG elements rise to the surface through Pantropy’s levelling system, which manifests in things like grinding for resources, embarking on quests and through collection of powerful items.

First revealed in May 2016, development for Pantropy began six months prior using the Unity game engine. Brain Stone Gmbh is explicit in the view that Pantropy is throwback to “the roots of online gaming”, and does away with the microtransaction model, instead favouring “skill and determination, not dollars”.

Pantropy takes flight on Kickstarter from November 7. Those interested in signing up for the closed alpha can vie for one of 100 keys available through the official website (linked below).