Black Ops 2: Vonderhaar Explains How the Peacekeeper SMG Will Work

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2's Revolution map pack is about a week away from release for the Xbox 360. While we already know some of the details surrounding it, there are still a ton of questions left up in the air. One of these questions is how the game will handle its first-ever weapon DLC.

For those unfamiliar with what I'm referring to, Revolution will include the Peacekeeper SMG, which will only be available if you buy the map pack. So, what will happen if you pick it up but you haven't bought the DLC? Will it affect how you gain diamond camos for the SMG gun type? Luckily for us, game director David "Vahn" Vonderhaar went on Twitter to answer these questions.

To keep things simple, we've posted what Vahn tweeted word-for-word regarding the Peacekeeper. These are all tweets straight from Vahn himself, so the details shared below are 100% legit.

If you have Diamond SMGs, you have to level up the Peacekeeper to Gold to unlock its Diamond camo.

You *do not* need to level up the Peacekeeper, to get Diamond on the rest of the SMGs. All will go Diamond when you get them Gold.

And you'll be able to pick up the Peacekeeper off the ground, see it Sharpshooter, or Customs, etc., all even if you don't own Revolution.

Well, there you have it. Players will be able to pick up the SMG just like a normal weapon, but I doubt you can unlock its challenges or access it in Create-a-Class. For those looking to unlock the diamond camos for SMG, then the Peacekeeper shouldn't be any trouble at all. On the contrary, if you've already unlocked the camo, this new SMG will give you a new challenge in unlocking all its weapon skins.

Who among you are tired of the game's vanilla maps and can't wait for Revolution to drop? Do you think the Peacekeeper SMG will bring with it a new set of weapon balancing problems? 

Revolution is scheduled to hit Xbox LIVE on January 29 with the PC and PS3 versions to follow at a later date.