This Game Boy Mod Is Exactly What Your Android Needs

One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to gaming on smart phones is control. Something that plagues both iOS and Android users. If the game relies purely upon the accelerometer or swiping motions, then everything is fine.

But when it asks for button inputs, then all hell breaks loose. Mostly because, well, there are no buttons. And those on-screen ones usually don't do the job.

Which is why many third parties have tried to create dedicated controllers, which provide the much sought after physical inputs we all crave, via bluetooth. But the problem here is how most simply aren't the best, quality-wise.

Nintendo and like parties know how to create joypads in their sleep, that's a fact. Unfortunately, none of them are making controllers for smart phones, which is another sad fact of life.

But a recent mod, for Android, is perhaps the best solution going at the moment. It basically borrows the inputs from an old school Game Boy (though what really brings it all together is a Wii remote):

To see how it was put together, head on over to Instructables, where one will also find a link to an eBay auction to purchase the mod you see above. The asking price is $295.00.