Leatherface Gets Added To Dead By Daylight Roster

Chainsaw wielding cannibal, Leatherface has just been added to the terrifying 4v1 horror multiplayer title, Dead By Daylight. He comes equipped with some pretty ridiculously powerful abilities, one of which displays all other survivors when you hook one survivor. You can purchase Leatherface for only $3.99, right now he is only available to Steam players right now, but we should expect him on consoles sooner than later.

“Leatherface will bring a new set of perks, his iconic chainsaw and will additionally wield a sledgehammer—both weapons of doom that will surely instill fear in all Survivors.”

Check out the full list of his abilities below:

Knock Out
The trauma caused by your brutal attacks makes crying for help painfully difficult. Dying survivors’ auras are not revealed to other survivors when they are standing out of range.

Barbecue & Chili
A deep bond with The Entity unlocks potential in one’s aura reading ability. After hooking a Survivor, all other Survivors’ aura are revealed to you for 3 seconds when they are further than 36 meters from the hook. Grants bonus Bloodpoints on any scoring event while a Survivor is on the hook.

Franklin’s Demise
Your vicious attacks make the Survivors drop their item on impact. The lost item is damaged in the fall, losing a portion of its base amount of charges.

Dead By Daylight is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.