Post-Cold War Adventure DreamBreak Prepares for Console Release

Ukranian indie studio Beatshapers has revealed its USSR themed point-and-click DreamBreak is scheduled to release on consoles this month. It first came out through Steam last year, where  Charting the everyday trials of Eugene, DreamBreak slowly sheds its beautiful, Cyrillic pixel-art skin to make way for a frightening tale of conspiracy.

Framed for murder, Eugene is on the run from a corrupt police force, lethal robots, and deathly lasers that incinerate in seconds—a far cry from his former mundane existence.

Described as Another World meets 1995 sci-fi flick Strange Days, the gameplay in Dreambreak promises an eclectic mix of puzzling, platforming, and pure exploration through a dangerous realm soaked in propaganda. Dive into pomo nightclubs, survive shootouts, and race hover-bikes like Marty McFly in a quest for truth where multiple endings await for those daring enough to find them.

DreamBreak arrives on PlayStation 4 on September 12 for North American audiences (September 13 in Europe). The Xbox One version will release shortly after on September 15. You can pre-order DreamBreak through the Microsoft Store today.