My Eyes On You Presents a Scandalous 3D Neon Murder Mystery

Seven years ago, a dark, interactive adventure called Heavy Rain came out for PlayStation 3. Most of us will still remember its frighteningly good suspense, and have the image of the Origami Killer chiselled permanently onto our brains. Ukranian outfit Storymind Entertainment appears to be intent on replicating the formula in its upcoming mystery title My Eyes On You.

Beyond the creepy, rather Orwellian sounding name, this is a game that lets you assume the role of FBI agent Jordan Adalien as he stalks the city, hunting down the Man in the Crimson Mask. It’s been years since the Chicago Carnival murders, since the masked man carried out his campaign of carnage, but Jordan and his colleagues are determined to stop a repeat offence. That is, until they frame him.

How you choose to approach the investigation—through rational thinking or drawing upon the occult—will ultimately influence the progression of the story, and the nature of your perceived reality. Just don’t lose your mind in the process.

My Eyes On You is being developed for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. No release date has been specified at this stage, so make sure to follow Storymind Entertainment on Twitter for the latest.