KFC is Using VR To Teach Employees How To Fry Chicken

The intersection of food and video games is a fairly modern topic which has been explored in titles such as I am Bread, Overcooked, and Job Simulator. Not one to be left out of the virtual reality revolution, fast food chain KFC has reportedly introduced a 10 minute training program that instructs employees how to master the art of frying chicken (Original Recipe fried chicken) with the assistance of Oculus Rift. Good old Colonel Sanders is there by your side, feeding you instructions, and it’s incredibly immersive and hands-on—the perfect way to learn. Or so it seems.

There’s a weird chill in the air that makes you feel like you’re somehow stuck in Amnesiaand the Colonel’s disembodied cry of “Release the birds!” only heightens the horror. To his credit, he does provide constant feedback about your performance, praising you when you inspect the drumsticks correctly, but his comments about “supple human hands” make this a pedagogical routine that’s more than a bit disturbing.

Thoughts? Did we totally misread the Colonel’s personality? Let us know.

Source: Eater