2D Fighter Brawlhalla Will Offer Cross Play to PS4 & PC Players

Since its soft launch in 2015, Brawlhalla has captured the hearts of over 5 million fighting game fans worldwide. Its free to play battle arena style gameplay let us come together online, using swords, axes, and rocket lances to beat each other to a pulp.

Brawlhalla is currently in closed beta on PlayStation 4, but developer Blue Mammoth Games are maintaining the F2P ethos by letting you participate for free. The catch is there is a waiting list, so if you’re after immediate access to the beta, the Brawlhalla Founder’s Pack goes live on August 1. It comes with an exclusive avatar, nameplate, and every playable character for just $19.99 USD and lets you skip the queue.

In an exciting turn of events, Brawlhalla will also be supporting cross play between PC and Playtation 4 when it fully releases—so both console and desktop communities can fight for supremacy.

Interested folks can check out Brawlhalla for free on Steam.