Angry Birds Has Now Won The Cola War

Everyone across the globe is in love with Finland's hottest export at the moment, that being Rovio's Angry Birds. But the Finns themselves might be the biggest fans of them all.

Destrucotoid reports that a soda sporting the brand is outselling both Coke and Pepsi in its homeland. A concept that is almost impossible to wrap one's mind around, if one is familiar with how all powerful both brands are, especially on a global scale.

According to the source, The Next Web, the soda tastes "a bit like Lilt [a Coca Cola Company produced drink for European territories] but less sugary and maybe a bit more like apples."

The Next Web also points out all the other ways the Angry Bird brand has been used. Everyone knows already about the amusement park. But the debit card and the children's learning resource? That's news to us.

The Angry Bird soda will soon be available in Australia and New Zealand.