Fallout 4, Doom VR Both Confirmed at Bethesda E3 Keynote

Hot off the digital press—Bethesda has revealed that both FPS Doom and post-apocalyptic survival game Fallout 4 will be getting virtual reality support. Vice President of Bethesda PR and Marketing Pete Hines had previously mentioned Fallout 4 would be having a VR appearance at E3, and that it would blow our minds. Bethesda has tweeted that Fallout 4 VR will be releasing this October, and will be playable with HTC Vive.

DOOM VFR is the other title heading towards virtual reality platforms, and currently has PlayStation VR and HTC Vive locked in. It’s described as a new virtual reality game that sees players battling against masses of rampaging demons, but with an extra layer of immersion. DOOM VFR is being developed by id Software (also responsible for the Doom 4 reboot), and is set to release later this year. So far, we’re not sure what the ‘F’ stands for, but considering the content of the game it’s not hard to guess.