Hideo Kojima Announces Death Stranding Won’t Be at E3 2017; New Tease Sparks Speculation

Famed developer Hideo Kojima took to Twitter today to sadly announce that Death Stranding will not be at E3 2017.

The tweet, which you can see down below, shows off a new image presumably teasing something Death Stranding related. What the Bridges and spider-webbed star mean is still unclear, however, fans are already trying to figure out if there’s a hidden code the web.

For theories on what this image can mean, check out the subreddit dedicated on piecing what it means right here.

Even though Death Stranding won’t be present at any of the conferences, Hideo Kojima will be at the convention center. More importantly, he will be on a panel with Geoff Keighley and Jordan Vogt-Roberts, director of Kong: Skull Island, to have a discussion on the fusion of gaming and cinema.

3:15 PM – 4:15 PM:

A Conversation with Hideo Kojima and Jordan Vogt-Roberts

A one-on-one session looking back at the career of Hideo Kojima, led by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, director of Kong: Skull Island. These two creative forces will share the stage to discuss the fusion of gaming and cinema. Mr. Kojima will discuss his cinematic influences and how they have allowed him to make masterworks of his own. 

With Death Stranding now out of the running, which game are you most excited to see at this year’s E3? Let us know in the comments below!