Play Housemarque’s Beautiful 2D Platformer Outland For Free

It came, it saw, it conquered. Outland might be unlike any other platformer you’ve played, partly due to its beautiful pyrotechnic visuals and solid metroidvania mechanics. First launching back in 2011, Outland eventually extended its digital reach to Steam, becoming available for PC, Mac and Linux operating systems.

It released to very positive reviews, and sandwiched between the atmospheric melodies of Ari Pulkkinen (Angry BirdsTrine) and a compelling narrative, Housemarque infused Outland with a touch of bullet-hell magic. Outland tasks players with exploring a fast-paced world brimming with colour, enemies, and puzzles. It carries a unique appeal in its polarity-switching gameplay, a very intuitive system that using different colours to represent light and dark, and has a strong influence upon general abilities. Having played Outland when in released on Steam, I strongly recommend it if you enjoy challenging platformers that are beautiful both sonically and visually.

Outland is free to play until June 8, 10AM Pacific Time. It’s normal price is $9.99 USD.