Rocket Wars Serves up a Slice of Crazy, Local Multiplayer Action

Fast-paced action indie Rocket Wars is ready to impress players with insane weapons, a bevy of power-ups and multiple game modes. Developer Archon Interactive is promising adrenaline fuelled PvP battles where you can control one of 12 different spaceships, each of them with different get-ups and stats. Each spaceship also has different strengths and weaknesses, defining how you play. Rocket Wars comes with Deathmatch, Survivor, and Nuke King game modes, and can be played either as free for all or two versus two.

Although Rocket Wars supports up to four players, it’s still a party with the AI, which will fill the remaining player slots if you’re running short. At its heart, Rocket Wars is an exciting couch co-op experience that lets you equip deadly lasers and giant buzzsaws to blast your opponents to smithereens in the quest for victory.

Rocket Wars is due to release on June 15 for PC and Linux.