Chilled-Out Adventure ‘Rabbit Story’ Keeps it Cute & Casual

Beneath a veneer of vivid greenery, Rabbit Story promises players a unique adventure game that latches onto emotions. An adorable polygonal rabbit takes the lead role, and kicks off the story when he forgets his friend Kitty’s birthday. Kitty is distraught, and decides to take off, leaving Rabbit to face a tidal wave of guilt.

Things get surprisingly dramatic from there on. Despite Rabbit Story’s simplistic controls and surface-level cuteness, it also covers more sensitive facets of friendship like doubts, fears and struggles, and ultimately, transforms into a psychologically confronting experience about relationship breakup. To take his mind off the pain, Rabbit embarks on a journey in search of delicious carrots. After exploring the forests for a while, he encounters a new friend, Doggy, but just when Rabbit’s started to heal Kitty comes back – and so does the guilt.

Rabbit Story is out now on Steam (PC, Mac) for $8.99 USD.