Europe Pre-orders For Splatoon 2 Bundle Now Available

Pre-orders for the colourful third-person shooter, Splatoon 2 is out now for pre-ordered in Europe. Amazon Germany has it up here, and Amazon France has it here. We’ve also included the Switch case for Amazon Germany’s page.

NA Should have it shortly after this announcement, stay tuned to Gameranx for more info.

In other Splatoon 2 related news, we recently got a new story mode trailer showing off the title’s singleplayer

“Callie—of Squid Sisters fame—has gone missing and it’s up to you, with the help of Marie, to search for Callie and the Great Zapfish while battling against the Octarian army. Use different weapons in single-player mode to overcome obstacles, defeat enemies and take down towering bosses – weapons like the Roller, Slosher, Splatling, or the new Dualies.”

Expect to platform your way around shifting new environments filled with what honestly seems like frustrating obstacles there to knock you down and remind you how bad your reflex responses are. Hell, at least you have vibrant colours to help you possibly calm down from falling off ANOTHER shifting platform.

In all fairness, the singleplayer does seem like a pretty fun addition you can spend a couple of hours on when your internet is down.

Keen to for Splatoon 2? Let us know in the comments below! Splatoon 2 will be releasing on Nintendo Switch this summer on July 21.