Roccat Studios Enters Game Development Scene With ‘Sick City’

Better known for its gaming peripherals, Roccat appears to be making a sharp detour from keyboards, mice and headphones and entering the game development highway. Its debut game, ‘Sick City’, promises players real-time tactical combat in a post-apocalyptic setting. Inspired by strategy classics like Commandos and Company of Heroes, factions will compete for supremacy in 4×4 battles from building-to-building. The aim is to capture control of Aimo, a strange crystalline substance which is the energy source that powers each battle.

Roccat marketing manager Tuan Mai has revealed that Sick City will also incorporate ‘exciting espionage’ elements into its gameplay, and that the development crew “is composed of experienced developers that have worked at other game studios in Hamburg before.”

A closed alpha is set for this June – so if you’re keen on helping Roccat smash some begs you can sign up right hereGameranx has previously reviewed the Roccat range, which we thought was very good overall.