Steampunk RPG Acaratus Prepares to Launch Mecha Flavoured Action

Currently in Steam early access, indie RPG Acaratus is set for a full release next month, it has been confirmed. Swedish developer Nodbrim Interactive said that it has listened to Acaratus community, and actively incorporated feedback and improvements into the game throughout the course of its early access period.

Acaratus divides into a singleplayer campaign and multiplayer mode, both of which let players create Steampunk-inspired mecha units, and harness the power of ability card decks to attack, defend or boost individual skills. The campaign mode in particular rides on the back of a narrative rich story of slaves fighting for freedom, respect and justice. The key game features are as follows:

  • Rich, singleplayer campaign mode – Deep narrative, multiple side quests, randomised maps and encounters, and challenging battle levels
  • Fully customisable battle suits – Mecha units with modular attachments of complex armour and weapon systems to fit each player’s tactical style
  • Collectible booster cards – Add more complexity to overall strategy
  • PvP multiplayer mode – Use heavy tactical skills and quick thinking. Turns are timed and tactics may require new approaches depending on your opponent’s moves
  • Skirmish mode – Perfect tactics and customisation models against bots
  • Beautifully crafted – Medieval steampunk world that immerses players into an alternative reality battle atmosphere

Acaratus is currently available through Steam (PC). It is expected to fully release on May 25 for $14.99/£10.99/€13.99.