Surprise! The Witness Developer Hints at Upcoming Game

Jonathan Braid, the man behind fiendish puzzler Braid and The Witness, is teasing fans with a prototype of a new game. Speaking at the Reboot Develop conference in Croatia, Blow revealed a short demo (starting from the 05:32:10 mark) of the project he’s been developing “mostly for the past few months”.

At this stage, the GL4 rendered project runs in Linux and functions more like an editor, and as Blow went on to explain most of its features have been pulled straight from The Witness. In fact, all the features come from a compiler project Blow has been working on part-time since 2014, which pushes the development cycle of the unannounced game ahead much more quickly as opposed to using an engine built from scratch.

Blow also mentioned that the game will be single-player, and currently boasts 25+ hours of gameplay. The level displayed in the presentation features a lightly animated character, several blocks and a snowy platform. Judging by the previous nature of Blow’s games it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect a puzzle game – but what kind? Let us know your thoughts below.