Fans Still Getting Tony Hawk Pro Skater Documentary Despite Failed Indiegogo Campaign

Precisely one month ago, Gameranx reported on Pretending I’m a Superman: The Tony Hawk Video Game Story, the documentary that set out to preserve the history of the Tony Hawk skateboarding games. In the end, the campaign only managed to raise $17,409 USD out of its proposed $75,000 USD funding goal, which typically signals the end for a project. But in a recent update, campaign runner and producer Ralph D’Amato (who previously worked as a producer on the Tony Hawk Pro Skater games) revealed that the documentary will still be going ahead:

“As many of you know, the crowdfunding campaign didn’t reach the financial goal we had hoped. As of writing this open letter, we have received a total of $17,409 from 291 backers which is about 23% of our original goal. It has been a great learning experience and your feedback has been the best. However, instead of re-launching or extending the campaign, we have decided to collect the funds we have at the moment and end the campaign as a whole.”

D’Amato clarified that the original plan was never “to entirely rely on an indiegogo campaign”, even though extra funding would have sped up the production process. He also mentioned that the team would be able to continue thanks to the interest of multiple sponsors.

Pretending I’m a Superman has a projected release time frame of 2018.