War-strategy Epic Total Clash Launches Global Open Beta on Mobile Today

Worldwide leader in free-to-play mobile games NEXON Korea Corporation announced today that it would be launching a global open beta for its latest IP, Total Clash. The real time strategy game plunges players into a war-torn territory and urges them to build empires, upgrade buildings, produce resources and create a stalwart line of defence.

There’s also a diplomatic element involved – when other empires try to gain control and take over, players can carefully select and collaborate with allies in order to protect their cities from crumbling into ruins. More key features promised in Total Clash include:

  • City construction: Players construct cities to expand their empire
  • Strategic warfare: Collaboration with allies will help protect cities and pillage enemies in grand-scale battles fought against multiple players
  • Alliance building: Players form alliances with anyone from around the world on the single global server
  • Fierce battles: Intense battles between alliances allow players to stake claim to the throne and become the hero of the many enemy empires.

The Total Clash open beta will be available to players in the U.S., Brazil, Indonesia and India until April 26.