EVE Online Player Loses Ship and Cargo Valued over $6,400 USD

Unlike most MMOs, almost anything can happen–and there's no reset button. You can even gain a decent amount of money by acquiring rare items and selling them. One player had done just that–and then lost it all. EVE Online uses a currency called ISK and the ship and cargo that the player owned was worth 213 billion of it, or $6,400 in cold hard cash.

The player's unarmed frigate was attacked by two other players playing at being a pirate, resulting in the frigate –and it's cargo's destruction. Specifically the player lost precious ship, weapon and hardpoint blueprints. Apparently, the player was in a bad part of space when the players attacked. It's a little hard to understand exactly why the player would carry that much valuable cargo into what was essentially a bad neighborhood, but he or she must have been surely slamming their head against a wall once they saw what happened.

Rumors from other players suggest that the player was given their items back by EVE Online's CCP authories, and others suggest the player's account might have been hacked. There is still a lot of confusion surrounding the issue as well as suspicion as EVE Online players hope that the CCP isn't "going soft". As the case is private, there haven't been any further details or confirmations on the case. 

Source: PCGamer