Top 20 Biggest Game Worlds of all Time

Biggest Game Worlds

biggest game worlds

Digital worlds are part and parcel of the videogames we play. It is the geography in which the characters with whom we interact, and the places in which we go. It's where the magic happens, and we visit these lands every time we play a game.

While most games are made up of levels and static missions, some among them—like the ones this article is about—offer seamless transitions with wide open maps that provide the player with the illusion (or in some cases, the reality) that the world in which they walk is one of colossal proportions, comparable to the real world.

The only way one can measure the 'true' size of any game world with any amount of accuracy is through measurements provided by the game developers, because each game's geography has its own metric. Rather than to chart these worlds under the false pretense of square mileage, I've opted to chart these worlds based on how big they seem when one actually plays these games.

Furthermore, this list does not include any games which take place in space, which would by far exceed the scale of any terrestrial-based games. Given the relative emptiness of space, there wouldn't be much to see, anyhow.

Editor's note: I didn't include Daggerfall on this list because the maps were randomly generated, and the transitions were not seamless.