Lost Soul Aside Is Being Developed By A One-Man Team, And It Looks Amazing


Last week a pretty epic gameplay video surfaced by a creative called Bing Yang, which looks like anime RPG hack and slack, visual masterpiece. Of course one would think what game company is developing this piece of work and why hasn’t anyone heard of it before now?

Well because it’s being created, developed and produced by what seems like a SINGLE DUDE, yes. ONE GUY.

“Lost Soul Aside is an action game with fantasy art style, something like combining FinalFantasy with Ninja Gaiden. And I collected some clips from the gameplay video and made a trailer. Hope you like it.”

The internet is clearly rewarding his ‘flying solo’ effort because the video basically went viral overnight, jumping from 200,000 views on the first of August to 700,000 on the second and it’s still growing.



Not much other information has been given about the development game except a couple of links and some tweets.

If you want to follow progress check out his UE4 forum post here and his facebook page here.