We Happy Few: Stack Passive Bonuses With These Book Effects


Increase your chances of survival with books in We Happy Few. This drug-fueled FPS places you in the town of Wellington Wells, where the populace inject Joy, a powerful drug, that keeps them content despite the terrible apocalyptic conditions outside their happy enclave. As a citizen, it’s your job to escape — naturally, that’s going to be tough without a little help. There’s where books come in.

What might seem like useless trinkets are actually helpful stackable buffs. These books increase your character stats by small increments (2%-5%) but can be stacked. Like everything else in We Happy Few, book locations are randomly generated, though there are certain spots you’re more likely to find them. Check out the full list of buffs and bonuses below to learn how every book in We Happy Few will help.

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Stack Passive Bonuses With These Book Effects

Books can save your life in We Happy Few. Each book you collect adds a (stackable) passive buff. We don’t yet know if these is a maximum buff threshold, but we do know that you’ll continue to gain bonuses the more books you collect.

Where to Find Books:

  • Abandoned Homes – Bookcases, Unconscious / Deceased Bodies
  • Wellington Wells Homes – Carried by the Joyful, On Tables / Shelves

List of Books & Effects:

  • Bang On
    • Effect: Increase damage by explosive weapons by 2%.
  • Bludgeoner
    • Effect: All attacks cost 5% less stamina.
  • Chemist
    • Effect: Crafting no longer requires Rank 1 chemical stations.
  • Counterpuncher
    • Effect: Blocking an attack has a 5% chance of stunning the opponent.
  • Engineer
    • Effect: Crafting no longer requires Rank 1 mechanical stations.
  • Finger Pointer
    • Effect: 2% chance to make NPC turn on others by talking to them.
  • I Know Who I Am
    • Sources of Joy accumulate 10% slower.
  • Keep the Lights On
    • Reduces consumption rate of powered items by 2%.
  • Long Distance Runner
    • Increases maximum stamina by 5%.
  • Prestidigitator
    • Increases area of distraction devices by 3%.
  • Scrounger
    • 2% chance to find extra items when looting.
  • Survivor
    • Healing items give 10% more health and activate 20% faster.
  • You Seem Familiar Somehow
    • Reduces Crier suspicion by 5%.

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