Top 10 Insane FUS RO DAH Moments


fus ro dah

Are you all tired of Skyrim? No? Neither are we. With the amount of shouting that goes on in the game, someone was bound to turn "Fus Ro Dah" into a meme—one that makes full use of the shouting effect and combines it with people falling down.

You may have to journey all the way up to High Hrothgar and complete a couple of quests to unlock the full potential of the Unrelenting Force, but it's well worth it. Not only can you shout down trolls and other giant monsters, you can even stun dragons with a single blast.

Apply that shout to real life, and it's a surefire recipe for laughter. We've got just the thing, with ten videos displaying just how funny this would-be 'meme' can possibly get.