The Best Gaming Podcast Ever: Episode 19 [SOPA Special]

Listen in, find out why The Crew has a burning hatred for SOPA, and why you should too. SOPA could change the internet forever, in all the worst ways. It'd be worse than having Youtube comments in place of every site ever!

This week we're giving away Sonic CD on XBLA. If you want a crack at this super fast nut, you'll have to leave a suggestion for a future hot topic in the comments below! Remember, we love you. There are no bad comments. Unless we're talking about Youtube comments.

This week's song is a revival of one of our favorites, and one that holds a special meaning in light of SOPA. It's $$INTERNET$$ by Chalices of the Past!

In case you missed what happened on day one, we've compiled a quick recap of the events.