Top 15 PC Games of 2012

Top 15 PC Games of 2012

best pc games 2012

The new year is dawning, and we're ready to set our sights for all the games to come in 2012. 

It bears repeating that PC games are far from dead, and we've compiled a select list of 15 of our most-wanted titles that are set to grace the PC platform—many of them exclusively. 

It's true most of you reading this are certainly still immersed in your explorations of Skyrim, but that shouldn't prevent you from looking forward to everything the future has in store. And further still, it's doubtless that you'll still be playing Skyrim when these games come out, but they'll provide a fine break to all your adventuring. 

We expect that the year of 2012 will be packed with just as many great games as this year was, if not more so. Read on to find out exactly what's in store.