Amazing Cosplays From PAX South 2016

PAX South was held just last month in San Antonio, TX where gamers gathered together in order to celebrate and enjoy what the video game industry is currently publishing along with what’s to come. Essentially, PAX acts much like the E3 exhibition floor but instead of being exclusive to those working and reporting for the industry PAX opens its doors for everyone. Over the years, PAX grew and sprung off more events under the PAX name such as the recent PAX South and the upcoming PAX East.

Besides the plethora of video games, the expo holds a strong culture of video game enthusiasts and fandom. There’s panels, tournaments, educational programs, autograph sessions, meet and greets, and, of course, cosplayers showing off their latest creations. Some of the cosplayers turned out to the event with complete masterpieces of their favorite characters from the big screen, video games and anime. Here are some of the best cosplay costumes from PAX South 2016.