The 10 Most Bizarre Fallout 4 Glitches So Far

The review embargo has lifted on Bethesda Studio’s newest release, Fallout 4. While many critics, including our Managing Editor Holly Green, enjoyed the game, they have noted it contains the usual Bethesda launch bugs. Skyrim had giants who could launch players in the upper atmosphere, Dragonborn doing the chicken dance, and other hiccups. Fallout 4 has its own glitches, and they’ve already begun making their way onto the internet. Here are seven of the most bizarre Fallout 4 glitches so far.

Crazy death glitch: Maybe a little too much Psycho

While it’s obviously a bug, you can’t help but wonder if maybe the vault dweller hadn’t developed a Psycho habit before his untimely death.

Floating Animals

Wasteland or not, it isn’t advisable to mess with bears. However, it seems that for some inFallout 4, the animals aren’t much of a problem, mostly because they’re suspended in midair. You can almost hear the frustration in their growls.

Smooth Criminal (minor character spoilers)

Nick Valentine, one of the game’s possible companions, has an odd way of relieving stress after a fight. As seen in the video below, he likes to lean at odd, physically impossible angles.

Nick Valentine, Pacifist 

We can see that sometimes Nick cracks under pressure. This glitch sees him refusing to defend himself against an angry feral ghoul.

An Old Friend Returns (Flappy Arm Glitch)

Anyone who spent a considerable amount of time in Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas will recognize the wild, flapping arm in the floor glitch. Not to be excluded this time around, we can see it is still alive and well in the latest Bethesda release.

Ghost Arms

There’s something about arm glitches in Fallout games. Here’s another video of, instead of a flapping arm, a ghost one.

Post-apocalyptic planking (minor character spoiler)

Every Fallout 4 companion has their quirks. While Nick Valentine is a smooth criminal, Piper is a hardcore planker. She even dishes out advice while lying face-first on the floor.

Dogmeat, Air Swimmer

Possibly the most lovable of the Fallout 4 companions, and definitely the furriest, Dogmeat is a fan favorite, staple of the franchise, and stalwart friend. Now we know even he can sometimes crack under the pressure of wasteland survival.

Invisible Guns

It seems the Bethesda bug has even hit the games weapons, as the one seen here is clearly not visible.

Teleporting Raiders

While it is already well known that survival in the wasteland is difficult, for some unlucky players it may be even more so with these raiders who magically appear in a room to start a gun fight. As the game unlocks around the globe, more players will venture into the Commwealth, and inevitably encounter even more bugs. We’ll add to the list as the best glitches come to light.