Top 10 Video Game Cats: Meowth! That’s Right!

Cats! Huh! Yeah! What are they good for? Absolutely…. Hey wait a minute, cats are pretty great. And shut off the Edwin Starr. They’re there to chew off your lips if you die by yourself, for instance, and you get to handle their poop.

For as much as we all do love cats, it’s actually a bit strange that they show up so rarely in video games. You have to dig pretty deep to find games that actually feature them, and for cats as lead characters? Well, you’ll have to see what we found for that one (it’s not pretty).

It might be because cats, while occasionally friendly, aren’t really renowned for being helpful. You know, in ways that might make sense in a video game. They pretty much just do whatever they want and show up when they want something from you. Hang on a minute – that sounds like pretty much every video game NPC.

Header image source: DarrenGeers @ DeviantArt