Fallout Inspired Props Galore with Propmaker David Broido

We’ve been featuring a lot of awesome fan-made Pip-Boys lately, because who doesn’t love a good Pip-Boy replica? It’s one of the more practical things from Fallout that we can bring around in real life, but it’s definitely not the only Fallout prop brought to life in great detail.


We’ve actually already featured David Broido’s highly-detailed Pip-Boy replica, but that’s not the only prop he’s worked on. He got in touch with us and showed us his other work, and of course we have to share the awesomeness with our readers!

David Broido is a military veteran who’s always been crafty, and if you haven’t guessed it yet, he’s also a big Fallout fan. How big of a fan? Well, here’s what he looks like.

Pretty sweet, huh? All the props he’s carrying or wearing are his own creations. David’s been in the prop business for about three years, but in the Fallout fandom for far longer, saying that Fallout is “[e]asily my favorite game series of all time.”He’s done custom props based in other fandoms, we suggest you take a look at them, too.

David has been gracious enough to send us some high-res photos of his works and some progress photos, for your viewing pleasure. Check out the details on the Vault Dweller belt, That Gun, Laser Rifle, Plasma Rifle, and Minigun.

Vault Dweller Belt

That Gun


Laser Rifle


Plasma Rifle








We know what you’re thinking, you’d love to get your hands on that rifle. Even celebrities couldn’t help it! Clockwise from top left: Doug Jones, Jim O’Heir, Ross Patterson, and Sonny Chiba.



Fun as it is to cosplay a Vault Dweller, it’s even more fun when you’ve got friends who’ll play along. David’s also a Special Makeup Effects Artist, and he did some really nice work on his friend. I don’t think there was any makeup necessary for Dogmeat, though.


If you’d like to get your own Plasma Rifle – or props from any fandom, really – don’t be shy, get in touch with David. He can make your stuff and ship them internationally. He can send them over all shiny and new, or weather them a bit. Just talk to him! Check out more of his SFX Makeup and props portfolio here and here.

One last thing before you go: David takes us on a mini-tour of his collection. You might want to grab a bucket, because all that stuff is drool-worthy.

All photos and video courtesy of David Broido.


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