9 Best Minecraft Adventure Maps

Minecraft is an amazing game with unlimited creative potential, but what do you do when you don't feel like building a wizard's spiral, or recreating the Roman aqueduct system? The beauty if Minecraft is that the community often creates mods and maps that allow for unlimited potential if you know where to look. Maps are a dime a dozen on the Minecraft official forums, created by anyone who has taken the time to learn the ins and outs of MCEdit. So how can you pick out the true diamonds in the rough? Check out these nine maps made by community members, as they're fan favorites.

(Note: These are AdventureCraft maps. You'll need to install the AdventureCraft mod in order to play them all properly as the creator intended.)

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UPDATED with five new maps.

Herobrine’s Mansion

Herobrine’s Mansion is a wonderful adventure map that sees players venturing into the depths of a gothic mansion owned by Herobrine—you know, the evil version of the regular Minecraft guy. Not unlike Dracula’s castle in the Castlevania series of games, it’s filled with angry armored skeletons and all sorts of beasties.

Download it here.

Minecraft Star Wars Adventure Map

The Star Wars Adventure Map takes place on the icy planet of Hoth and sees players venturing into the rebel base to take on heavily armed stormtroopers, who have apparently turned the underground facility into their own outpost. Though the map itself is quite short, it offers players the choice to play between a Jedi and Trooper.

Download it here.

Download the texture pack here.

Pirate Island Adventure Map

If you ever wished you could play Minecraft on an adventure map not unlike Pirates of the Caribbean or Monkey Island, this map is for you. There’s a pirate ship and all sorts of other pirate-themed things. For instance, bows are renamed muskets. True story.

Download it here.

Abducted by the Taco

Like the name suggests, it’s a giant taco, and you’re trapped in it like the family from Honey! I shrunk the kids. In this case, you’d be trapped with some honey chipotle barbecue sauce, between the vegetables and the beans.

Download it here.

Fallout Deadstate

Of the many things you can do with Minecraft, recreating the world of Fallout is definitely doable, as the Fallout Deadstate adventure map clearly proves. Like the Fallout series of games, you wake up in a vault as a man (or woman) without a memory. It’s up to you to figure out what happened, and that story remains on-going as the map’s creator continues to add more stuff to it.

Download it here.
Download the texture pack here.
Download Forge here.


#9 The Lost Treasure of Captain Rainbowbeard

lost treasure minecraft

As the only survivor of your shipwrecked pirate crew, it's up to you to find the legendary treasure of Captain Rainbowbeard and avenge your crew mates. This map will see you traveling through sandy beaches, mountainous terrain, all the way to a hidden Mayan style temple with traps galore. Hints along the way will help you find the treasure, but you'll need to be skillful to avoid all the traps that await you on your journey.

Download: Link


#8 A Warrior's Trials

a warriors trial

Fans of the roguelike genre will be at home in this adventure map, as it is similar to Tower of Ordeals but instead of starting in a tower, you start in a dungeon. There are currently four dungeons available to explore with more planned. You start with very basic gear, with several upgrades hidden in chests around the dungeons. Managing to survive all four dungeons will net you a reward at the end of the dungeon. Can you claim it?

Download: Link


#7. The Quest of Saldeirr by ac beats mc

forest folk minecraft

Saldeirr is a rather simple adventure map as it is designed entirely above the surface. There are no dungeons to spelunk yet, but there are several unique monsters to fight and a town to explore. The storyline is rather basic and the town design is very linear, but the outlying areas are what makes this map unique. Exploring the forests and the coast are great fun. This map is very newbie friendly.

Download: Link


#6 The Tomb by Hivemaster

tomb minecraft

Of course, a list of adventure maps can't be complete without an Egyptian style tomb to spelunk. The outside of the tomb belies the depth of the creation, as once the player begins traveling below the surface of the tomb, the challenges ramp up and the amazing sights to see increase. Will you make it to the end of the tomb and find the hidden grave?

Download: Link


#5 Tower of Ordeals by AndrewFM

Have you ever wanted to pit yourself against a tower of hostile mobs, ready to tear you from limb to limb? This map is the perfect challenge as it's less about adventure and more about survival and determination. If you can make it to the top of the tower through all 28 floors, there is a surprise for you. Will you find it? The map includes its own dungeon hacking music, which is pretty great for cutting a path through endless swathes of skeletons and zombies.

Download: Link

#4 Linburn by BobtheLatinGuy

linburn minecraft

Linburn starts with the stock RPG story: Your character leaves his small town to seek out adventure and riches. While the premise is pretty base, the dungeons of this adventure map are actually very well designed and though the skins included for the townspeople are all the default skins, it's only a small detractor from the fun of Linburn. The plot of the map is easy to follow and newbies to adventuring shouldn't get too lost, so Linburn is a great place to start for those unfamiliar with the adventure map genre.

Download: Link


#3 Innsbrook by Lastair

Innsbrook is designed to be a short Zelda-like experience that emulates the surface of a town that might be found within the world of Zelda, along with a few hidden secrets for adventurers to find. Innsbrook is well designed to provide great fun, with hard challenges peppered throughout. Finding all of the items hidden around the map will take some diligence and those new to adventure maps might want to hone their skills on a more beginner friendly map. However it is definitely worth experiencing.

Download: Link


#2 Cathedral of Azra'il by muggz

azrail minecraft

The Cathedral of Azra'il is an impressive map in that nearly all of it is a construction. The giant Cathedral looms over the tiny island it's built upon, daring unprepared adventurers to delve in and test their mettle against the horrors that it holds. While this map is no where near as large as the Zelda Adventure map, the rooms of the Cathedral are quite devious, so it's worth exploring this map just to see the superb construction and to see what you can find in the crypts below.

Download: Link

#1 Zelda Adventure Mod by Gary520

How could the number one map be anything but a Zelda map? This one is a mix of map and mod so it will take a bit more to install it, but if you're looking for a change of pace this combo is definitely refreshing. The current map is still a work in progress as the creator only has five of the eight planned dungeons finished, but they're rather large and feature several new monsters and traps. As you can imagine, everything is modeled from the Legend of Zelda series, so if you're a fan of these games, definitely check out this adventure map/mod mix.

Download: Link

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