13 Best NEW Top-Down Games of 2021

There are a ton of new and exciting games coming out this year. While things got shifted around due to covid, that hasn’t halted all of the anticipated video games that were planned for 2021. For instance, there are quite a few upcoming top-down video games we think that you should be keeping an eye on. In this list, we are going to highlight the best new top-down games that are releasing or slated to release within this calendar year. Of course, with that said, these titles are not particularly ranked in any order right now. We’re hopeful that all of these games can make their way out into the marketplace within the 2021 calendar year but for now, only time will tell.

#13 The Ascent

Platform : PC, XSX|S, Xbox One 
Release Date : 29 July 2021
Genre : Action role-playing 

This July 29th we’re slated to receive The Ascent, an upcoming action RPG cyberpunk title. Within the game, your world is controlled by a megacorporation and while you work in an area that is home to all kinds of creatures from all over the galaxy, something suddenly changes. A big catastrophic event causes the corporation to shut down and now you’re free. Of course, this also means chaos and uncertainty of what’s going on or what started this mass mayhem, to begin with.

Players are forced into taking up arms and venturing through the world in search of answers. With that said, it’s a rough world, and just about everything looks like it’s ready to aim you down their iron sights. Fortunately, it’s a game that you don’t have to play alone as there is a cooperative option where you can play with up to three friends both online or locally. We also know that there are some RPG attributes to your character as well so as you progress there will be opportunities to make different upgrades to your character and cyberware.

#12 Black Skylands

Platform : PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch 
Release Date : Q2 2021
Genre : Adventure, Shooter 

Black Skylands is a game that doesn’t quite have a release date yet but it was slated to launch last year in 2020. Things of course didn’t go that route and we’re left waiting for the game to release through early access on steam. In this title, we’re given a skypunk title where humanity has taken to the skies in their different flying boat rigs as you battle for your survival against a host of bandits.

In this game, we’re stepping into the role of Eva who is seeking revenge when bandits took down her father’s life. Now Eva is forced into rebuilding a vessel, exploring for new loot, and making the necessary upgrades to their vessel to ensure that it’s a powerful force to reckon with. Meanwhile, there is a ton of on-foot action as well with players also given an assortment of weapons that can be further customized and buffed up.

#11 Synthetik 2

Platform : PC
Release Date : 2021 
Genre : Shooter Video Game, Indie game, Early Access 

If you enjoyed Synthetik: Legion Rising then you want to keep an eye out for the upcoming sequel, Synthetik 2. We haven’t seen a ton of this game quite yet and the teaser trailer only had some alpha gameplay footage, but again this is a game that follows the first Synthetik which was quite the hit top-down shooter in 2018. Currently, the game is planned to hit early access at some point this year where can again expect some high-tech battles and a slew of weapons.

We know that there is a ton of focus around the gunplay in this title with weapons being varied and if you’re not careful, problematic. So far we’re told that weapons can overheat or jam, while recoil may play a role in just how you move around in this game to set up shots. While we don’t have a specific date quite yet for this sequel or a full rundown on just what this storyline will have players enduring, this will still be a title you’ll want to keep tabs on.

#10 Bloodroots

Platform : PC, PS4, Switch 
Release Date : 12 March, 2021 
Genre : Platform game, Fighting game 

Looking for a top-down game that’s fast-paced and challenging? Look no further because Bloodroots is a title you have to try out. This game puts players into the role of a man who was left to die and now seeking revenge, anyone that gets in your way as you seek the attempted murder is just another soon-to-be-dead body. The game is very fast-paced and everything within the world is your weapon. A small animal, a fence post, carrots, to more traditional weapons such as swords and guns, whatever you grab is something that you’ll be able to take down an enemy target.

However, you’ll want to keep moving as this is a one-hit kill type of game so it won’t take much for your run to come towards an end resulting in a level restart. Visually this game looks enticing but it’s not going to be a game for everyone. Thankfully on the PC platform, you can try out a demo to see if this game is something you’d like to invest in. With all that said, this game is readily available right now for purchase.

#9 One Shell Straight to Hell

Platform : PC 
Release Date : 2021 
Genre : Shooter 

In One Shell Straight to Hell, we are put into a storyline where hell has invaded Earth. For generations, the Halliwell family had kept the portal from hell to Earth clear of any demonic invasions. However, after generations of being silent, the family began to treat this task as a fairy tale. That was until a massive invasion hits and now one priest is sent in to clear Earth from the demonic scum that washed up into our realm.

Father Padre Alexander is a demon hunter and he’s armed to the teeth with weapons of all kinds whether they are more traditional, holy, or unholy. Whatever Padre needs to get the job done he’s equipped with. This is a rougelite as well with different dungeon changes while the game also provides players with various upgrades to make the demon hunter Father a bit more lethal. Currently, One Shell Straight to Hell is available right now for those of you who’re looking for something new to play.

#8 Midnight Fight Express

Platform : PC 
Release Date : TBA 2021 
Genre : Action, Beat ‘Em Up 

Midnight Fight Express is another game that we don’t have a ton of information about right now but it is slated to hit the marketplace within 2021. This is a melee-focused title where players are brawling through a large city to become the ultimate brawler. From the footage released so far, not only are we skilled with hand-to-hand combat but there are plenty of instances where players will be using the in-game world to knock out their opponents.

We even know that the development team is using motion-captured combat to make some of their moves look even more realistic. Of course, we’re waiting to see more about this game and premise but in the meantime, you can expect it to hit the marketplace sometime this year.

#7 Xenosis: Alien infection

Platform : PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch 
Release Date : Q4 2021 
Genre : Action 

Xenosis: Alien Infection is slated to hit the marketplace at the end of this year which might appeal to players interested in games like Dead Space or movies such as Alien. In this game, we’re tossed into the future where mankind has sent out a ship to mine a mineral-rich planet near the end of our solar system. With a journey that would have taken several years to begin with, something caused the ship to be lost. Fifty years passed by and while the ship was deemed to be destroyed, never to be seen again, players happen to stumble upon it.

Knowing that the data loot inside would be worth enough money for a lifetime of needs and wants, players board the ship for a quick payday. It’s here that we discover that something else is on this ship with you now locked inside with it. As you explore, players will need to manage their vital signs such as oxygen, and ensure that they have enough firepower to deal with the alien threat that is roaming around this ship. The more players dig into this ship the more answers of what happened all those years ago will start to unravel.

#6 Dead Estate

Platform : PC
Release Date : Q3 2021 
Genre : Action, Indie 

You might have already played Dead Estate in the past as this was an online browser game. However, later this year we are getting an enhanced edition for the Steam digital marketplace. If you’re unfamiliar with this game, Dead Estate is quite a bit like Enter The Gungeon where you’re tossed into a haunted mansion where there are a ton of ghouls and demonic creatures to fight off against. As you enter each room, the doors slam shut and it’s a battle to clear out the room and progress forward.

There are also different weapons you can pick up and even a witch who will sell you some goods from the currency your rack up from taking out the different enemies. While the classic version of the web game can be enjoyed right now, this upcoming edition will have new floors, rooms, challenges, and even more characters for players to take the role as. Unfortunately, we don’t know just when exactly the development team can deliver this game into the marketplace outside of sometime within the 2021 calendar year.

#5 Action Commando Series

There are a few games that go overlooked and it’s not surprising by just how many titles get tossed into the mix regularly. However, one title that came out in May of this year and has a sequel in the works slated for a 2021 release is Action Commando. In this game players are a time-traveling spartan more solid that’s used for some of the most extreme hostile situations. In the first game, players are taking out a cultist group that is taking in bystanders and consuming them for a ritual.

As mentioned a sequel is in the works as well for this year where we are dealing with another cultist group to have taken over control of Saturn and using technology to control the minds of those living on Earth. While we’re not entirely sure just when the sequel is slated to hit the marketplace, the initial installment is available right now and can be picked up for just $4.99.

#4 The Last Stand: Aftermath

Platform : PC
Release Date : TBA 2021 
Genre : Action, Adventure, Indie 

Similar to our previous point, Dead Estate, The Last Stand: Aftermath also has roots as a browser game. This is a standalone single-player game where players are enduring the zombie apocalypse. Not much of humanity is left and while you’re dying as an infected, you still have a bit of life left in you. Players will scavenge the area for new resources and make upgrades to make survival a bit easier. However, you’ll need to be careful as there is still countless undead that will attempt to sink their teeth into you even though you’re already infected.

Eventually, you’ll die off and another survivor will take your place. Armed with the various unlocks you’ve acquired from the past life, you’ll pick back up and continue your search around the dangerous post-apocalyptic world. Currently, The Last Stand: Aftermath doesn’t have a release date attached to it quite yet but we’re hoping to see it launch within 2021.

#3 Rogue Shift

Platform : PC 
Release Date : 2021
Genre : Indie game, Action game, Early Access, Adventure 

In Rogue Shift, we follow a protagonist within a dropship shot down by friendly defensive measures. Now stuck on a planet that’s filled with hostile alien creatures, hazardous environments, and lacking oxygen, players are thrown into an uphill battle as they reach the nearest outpost. Seeking answers, players will have to ensure their protagonist is alive long enough to figure out what’s going on.

There’s an endless supply horde of enemies that will seek to take players out and unfortunately when players die they start over. Being a rogue-lite there are some benefits thrown over to the next run such as all the unlocks you’ve made previously. Again, like some of the games posted earlier in this list, we don’t have a specific release date quite yet but it is expected to hit early access when it does eventually launch into the marketplace.

#2 Weird West

Platform : PC
Release Date : 2021 
Genre : Action role-playing game, Indie game, Adventure game, Shooter Video Game, Simulation Video Game

Weird West is a game that might spark some interest from fans by the developers alone. This title was crafted by the co-creators behind Dishonored and Prey. Within Weird West, we’re given a new take on the old wild west. Set to follow a variety of characters with their storylines and agendas, what makes this game a bit different is the fact that we’re following a western where fantasy creatures also roam the world.

We’ve heard this a lot from a variety of games but apparently, we can expect plenty of events around the world change to the choices players make. There’s no release date outside of a 2021 launch window for Weird West quite yet so this is a title to keep an eye out for when it does make its way into the market sometime later this year.

#1 Last Ops

Platform : PC 
Release Date : 2021 
Genre : Role-playing game, Action game, Indie game, Adventure 

Lastly, one other game we think you should keep an eye out for is Last Ops. This game has a pretty unique visual style with the low poly graphics which I like with this gameplay and its dark atmospheric level designs. Within the game narrative, players are sent into a research station that has gone dark. It’s here that something went array and now you’re dealing with a variety of hostile enemies.

What’s a bit interesting here is that the game also has some elements to the likes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3. If you recall those games there’s the threat of being hunted by a boss which you will also potentially deal with in Last Ops. There are different bosses that players could avoid and run away from but that doesn’t mean they may not pop up later. At the moment we don’t have a release date for this project and if you haven’t already had this title on your radar then this is one you might want to keep tabs on.