45 Best Snow Games

There are a ton of video games that center around on seasons. From games that focus on multiple seasons showcased in real-time to titles that seem to stay stuck in time. In this list, we’re going to highlight some of our favorite video game titles to have released which showcases winter or at the very least some snow.

#45 Animal Crossing New Horizon

Platform : Nintendo Switch

Release Date : March 20, 2020

Genre : Social simulation

Animal Crossing video games in general usually have a play on different seasons. Animal Crossing New Horizon is the latest installment of the franchise which has blown up in popularity. With that said, Animal Crossing New Horizon plays on seasons which goes according to the actual dates and time of your location in the world. Depending on the hemisphere you’re located in, players could dive into the winter season in the game starting on November 26 through February 24. You’ll get to see snow build up on your island, make a makeshift snowman, snowballs, and collect snowflakes too.

#44 ARK Survival Evolved

Platform : Linux, PC, macOS, PS4, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Stadia

Release Date : Linux, PC, macOS, PS4, Xbox One August 29, 2017 / Android, iOS June 14, 2018 

Nintendo Switch November 30, 2018 / Stadia Early 2021

Genre : Action-adventure, survival

Ark: Survival Evolved is more of a survival action-adventure game. Players are tossed into the island and forced to survive in the ruthless environment. Not only will you have to gather supplies and resources to build a base, but you’ll have to prepare your protagonist to survive other players and creatures that are consistently seeking your demise. Similar to the likes of Minecraft, there are different biomes players can explore. Some of those biomes are based around snow and depending on the biome you’re in, you’ll get different kinds of resources, hazards, and creatures that will be lurking around.

#43 Angry Birds

Platform : PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, PlayStation Portable, Macintosh

Release Date : December 11, 2009 

Genre : Action, Puzzle 

Angry Birds was a hit of a smartphone game that has spanned across multiple installments. With that said, this game is super easy to understand while the difficulty ramps up. Players have to fire different types of birds into makeshift bases crafted up by evil pigs. With the birds all having unique attributes, players are tasked with taking out the pigs with as few birds as possible. Some of the levels are based around winter, it doesn’t change anything up in the game, but it does provide some new background aesthetics.

#42 Assassin’s Creed 3

Platform : PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Release Date : October 30, 2012 

Genre : Action-adventure, stealth

The Assassin’s Creed franchise has been around for years now and while it’s continued to grow and become bigger experiences for players, there have been some games that are based around the cold winter seasons or backdrops. For example, we could look at Assassin’s Creed III, where the game puts players into a storyline that is set before, during, and after the American Revolution. Here players are taking the role of an assassin that has to eliminate high-profile targets around different areas whether it’s Boston or New York City. Meanwhile, the gameplay does offer a few seasons to go through such as summer and winter. As a result, players will have to trudge through the snow or battle against enemies in the rain.

#41 Batman Arkham Knight

Platform : PC, PS4, Xbox One 

Release Date : June 23, 2015 

Genre : Action-adventure 

The Batman Arkham franchise sets the bar for future Batman video game titles. Overall, the Arkham games were handled by Rocksteady Studios and it follows Batman as he battles against a variety of iconic villains looking to seek chaos in Gotham City. We labeled Arkham Knight for this point but you can play any of the Arkham games to see snow outside of Arkham Asylum which is mainly inside the iconic fictional sanitarium. At any rate, Gotham City is usually portrayed to be a rather cold and throughout the video games, you’ll see snow falling, snow-covered buildings, roads, and vehicles. Similar to some of the other games on this list, it’s a great way to bring in some aesthetics to the in-game world.  

#40 Bloodborne

Platform : PS4 

Release Date : March 24, 2015 

Genre : Action role-playing 

Bloodborne is an action RPG from the creators of the Souls series. Since this is from the developers who have brought out such hits as Dark Souls, you can expect brutal gameplay. Players are set out to clear the city of Yharnam whose inhabitants have been hit with a disease-causing them to turn into beasts. Much like the other Souls and Souls-like games out there, Bloodborne has a big focus on atmosphere with certain areas feeling unique to the specific location. For instance, within Bloodborne, there is the Cainhurst Castle which was once a lively location but has since been left in ruins. This is a snowy castle area that most have found to be pretty similar to the likes of the Ariamis location from Dark Souls.

#39 Brutal Legend

Platform : PS3, Xbox 360, PC, OS X, Linux

Release Date : October 13, 2009 

Genre : Action-adventure, real-time strategy 

Brutal Legend is an action-adventure game that puts players into the role of Eddie Riggs, the greatest roadie in the world. When Eddie ends up getting transported into an alternate world where demonic monsters have enslaved humanity, our protagonist may be the last saving grace at taking over this strange reality. It’s a bit of a hidden gem but with that said, there is a strong following with fans hoping to see a sequel come out one of these days. If you don’t recall, there is some snow within Brutal Legend which makes for an interesting change of scenery in this hellish nightmare of a world. While you have an open-world map to explore, there are areas where the land is covered in snow with players even having to battle enemies like the extinct mammoth.

#38 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Platform : PC, PS3,  Xbox 360, macOS, PS4, Xbox One 

Release Date : PC, PS3,  Xbox 360 November 10, 2009 / macOS May 20, 2014 

Campaign Remastered PS4 March 30, 2020 / Xbox One, PC April 30, 2020

Genre : First-person shooter 

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare franchise was a big hit and it brought in quite a few new players into the series. In particular, for this list, we wanted to reflect on the Cliffhanger mission from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This was a relatively early mission within the game where players had to infiltrate a Russian airbase which meant climbing up the cold frozen mountains of Kazakhstan. Just like every Call of Duty mission, there is plenty of action-packed moments, not only are you climbing up a giant mountain, but you’re slowly taking out enemies until at the end of the mission where you’re jumping on a snowmobile and barreling down the mountain you just climbed up.

#37 Dirt 5

Platform : PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

Release Date : PC, PS4,Xbox One 6 November 2020 XSX|S 10 November 2020 

PS5 12 November 2020 / Stadia 24 March 2021

Genre : Racing

The Dirt franchise in general is quite a huge hit for a rallycross racing series. One of the more recent releases at the time of writing this is Dirt 5. One of the interesting aspects of this game is the fact that the weather conditions can change. In this game, players are racing down the course which could showcase some extreme weather conditions that change during the race such as a snowstorm. Players will find the course will be covered in snow and snow particles falling.

#36 Diablo 3

Platform : PC, OS X, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Release Date : PC, OS X May 15, 2012 / PS3, Xbox 360 September 3, 2013 

PS4, Xbox One August 19, 2014 / Nintendo Switch November 2, 2018

Genre : Action role-playing, hack and slash 

The third installment to the Diablo series by developers Blizzard Entertainment made its way to PC, but also consoles. Playing out much like its predecessors, gamers pick one of six possible character classes and begin their journey of taking on quests and grabbing up precious loot. While it may sound a bit odd but this hellish world where players are battling against all kinds of demons has some winter snow elements as well. Players can expect some snow in areas like The Eternal Woods which is a zone in Act III. Not only are you going through a wintery kind of area but there are some monsters based around the cold such as the Ice Porcupine or the Yeti.

#35 Fable 2

Platform : Xbox 360 

Release Date : 21 October 2008 

Genre : Action role-playing 

The Fable franchise recently got a bit of attention when it was unveiled that a reboot of sorts is being developed. However, there are previous installments available to pick up as well if you’re interested in the RPG experience. These games have a few different kinds of environments to explore and wander around in. Fable II in particular had the Winter Lodge for players to visit which is done by going through the Bloodstone Demon Door. Here within the world, players will find that the lodge is stuck in a never-ending frozen winter season full of snowy pine trees, a snow-covered ground, falling snow particles with of course the lodge.

#34 Far Cry 4

Platform : PC, PS3, Ps4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Release Date : November 18, 2014 

Genre : First-person shooter 

Chances are you know about the Far Cry franchise. Each installment puts players in different parts of the world where you’re battling uphill against a tough regime. Far Cry 4 players are tossed in Kyrat, a fictional Himalayan country. Stepping into the shoes of Ajay Ghale, players return home to Kyrat to pay respects to their late mother. However, early into the journey, you’re kidnapped by the country’s crazed king Pagan Min who has taken an unusual interest in you. Being in the Himalayas, you can expect some snowy areas, although it’s mainly just in a few missions. With that said, outside of the snow scenery, there are some hostile enemies native to the area for players to fight against like snow leopards.

#33 Fast Racing Neo

Platform : Wii U 

Release Date : Nintendo eShop 10 December 2015 

Genre : Racing 

Fast Racing Neo is a futuristic racing game that acts a bit like Wipeout or F-Zero, where players are racing with vehicles that reach intense speeds and hover above the ground. This particular title is only available through Nintendo which has continued with a sequel titled Fast RMX. However, being a futuristic game there are plenty of over-the-top courses to race around in. Outside of the intense neon style courses, you’ll also find races that deal with drastically different locations. Players can go through cities, outer space to courses set in Antarctica. Much like other games on this list, it doesn’t change up the gameplay, but these maps are a means to keep things looking a bit fresh and new for players to race around within.

#32 Forza Horizon 4

Platform : PC, Xbox One, XSX|S 

Release Date : PC, Xbox One 2 October 2018 / XSX|S 10 November 2020 

Genre : Racing 

Continuing with racing games we have the Forza Horizon series. This is a traditional racing game with players having an assortment of cars or trucks to use in either free-roaming around the in-game world or participating in actual races. The Forza Horizon series in particular is something made to be a bit more of an arcade-style racing game rather than a strict simulation racer and at the moment, the latest installment for the franchise is Forza Horizon 4. Again, like other games on this list, snow is not a constant theme in the game, but players can adjust the seasons to race around in so if you’re wanting something like winter, summer, autumn, or spring, it’s all here for you.

#31 Frostpunk

Platform : PC, PS4, Xbox One, macOS

Release Date : PC, April 24, 2018/  PS4, Xbox One October 11, 2019

macOS February 24, 2021

Genre : City-building, survival 

A game that is based around winter and snow is Frostpunk. This is a strategy game where players are taking command of a group of survivors that are forced to build up a makeshift town around a giant generator. Here players are constantly battling to secure resources and build up their town to keep their civilians happy, warm, and fed. This means not only ensuring that the generator has fuel to keep the area warm, but can provide power to other buildings around the area such as hospitals, restaurants, and homes. However, being a strategy game, there will be plenty of moments that the title will throw tough choices towards the player. If your group continues to find your rules disheartening or you’re unable to keep the power running, the town will trigger a mutiny and kick you out.

#30 Telltale Games Game of Thrones

Platform : PC, Macintosh, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Release Date : December 2, 2014

Genre : Adventure 

Telltale Games, while they were out of business for a short period, are pretty solid developers when it comes to adventure games. These are modern adventure games where it’s less of a point-and-click style title and instead, players can freely move around the world, explore, pick up items, interact with characters, and participate with QTEs. Over the years, Telltale Games were able to pick up a few IPs to develop games such as Batman, The Walking Dead, and in our point, Game of Thrones. While the television series ended on a sour note, the video game was well done. It’s only the first chapter where gamers have a unique storyline full of difficult choices to make that alters the narrative. Unfortunately, it’s doubtful that we’ll ever get a conclusion, but just like with the television series, players will have a few environments to explore including some cold harsh winter areas.

#29 Halo 4

Platform : Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S

Release Date : Xbox 360 November 6, 2012 / Xbox One November 11, 2014 

PC, Xbox Series X/S November 17, 2020

Genre : First-person shooter 

Halo is an iconic exclusive IP for Microsoft and it’s a video game series that has helped the company move console units. Halo 4 was a game developed under 343 Industries after Bungie dipped out of the IP. In Halo 4 players were given a new storyline that was mainly focusing around Master Chief and Cortana, but I won’t spoil anything here in the narrative if you have yet to dive into the game. This game also had Spartan Ops missions which are cooperative game missions with up to four players working together. One of the missions has players going through a snow fortress map where there are a series of objectives to complete such as knocking out jammers, turning off arrays, and fighting back against all kinds of hostile wave enemies that pop up.

#28 Horizon Zero Dawn

Platform : PC, PS4

Release Date : PS4 28 February 2017 / PC 7 August 2020

Genre : Action role-playing 

Horizon Zero Dawn was one of the more iconic PlayStation 4 exclusive titles for a good while before it finally found its way onto the PC platform. With Horizon Zero Dawn, players are thrown far into the future long after mankind had fallen, resulting in giant mechanical beasts roaming the world and humanity resorting back to more primitive tribal groups. While Horizon Zero Dawn didn’t feature too much in terms of winter in the main game, there was a DLC release called The Frozen Wilds. In this particular DLC, our protagonist character, Aloy, ventures to the borderlands of a tribe known as Banuk. With a tundra harsh environment to deal with and new mechanical beasts, Aloy is forced to quickly adapt to help the survivalist tribe and uncover some new abilities that will help her in future fights or threats that may pop up in her future.

#27 Kona

Platform : Linux, PC, PS4 Android, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Stadia

Release Date : PC, Xbox One, PS4 March 17, 2017 

Nintendo Switch March 9, 2018 / Stadia August 1, 2020

Genre : Adventure 

Kona puts players into the role of a private investigator who gets called into a hunting manor in Northern Canada. When the hunting manor continues to get vandalized, our protagonist, Carl Faubert decides to take the case and figure out who is responsible. However, things take a turn for the worse when traveling to the manor Carl finds himself trapped within the area due to a freak blizzard. Now completely alone in a harsh weather environment, Carl is forced into figuring out what’s going on and fighting for his survival.

#26 The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild

Platform : Nintendo Switch, Wii U 

Release Date : March 3, 2017 

Genre : Action-adventure 

The Legend of Zelda has been around for years and we’ve seen countless installments released into the marketplace for players to enjoy. However, for most fans, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has earned critical acclaims from critics along with perfect review scores. This particular game has players dropped into an open world where the end goal is to of course save the princess and defeat the evil Ganondorf. Meanwhile, the game doesn’t tell you when to fight the boss, as it’s up to players in deciding when they feel ready to take on the Ganon. As a result, players can freely explore and complete and dungeon they wish to. With that said, because this is an open-world map, there are areas where players can venture into the cold winter climates. Of course, to venture through these areas, you’ll need to ensure that Link has enough items equipped and resources to keep him warm during these frigid temperatures.

#25 Lego Games

To avoid being too repetitive on this list with the same video game series, I opted to just put down Lego Games as a point because there are plenty of titles that feature snowy settings. For instance, there is Harry Potter Years 1-4 which has a snowball fight level or the different Star Wars games that usually throws us into the infamous Hoth setting with the big battles, but we’ll be diving a bit more into Hoth and Star Wars a bit later in this list. With that said, it’s worth diving into the Lego Games in general outside of just seeking titles that feature winter or snow. Find an IP that you enjoy and give the Lego Game version a try.

#24 The Long Dark

Platform : Linux, PC, macOS, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch

Release Date : PC, PS4 & Xbox One August 1, 2017

Nintendo Switch September 17, 2020

Genre : Survival 

The Long Dark is a survival game that has players taking the role of a scientist that ends up crash landing into the frigid wilderness of Canada. To survive, players are forced into exploring the area and gathering supplies. Of course, being a survival game there are several vitals you’ll need to keep a close eye on. This includes your protagonist’s body temperatures, hunger, thirst, fatigue, along with keeping hostilities away like hungry wolves. This was a title that had been in early access for a good while but it has since been released fully for players to enjoy. If you’re into survival games and are after something that will focus on the frozen wilderness then give The Long Dark a shot.

#23 Mafia II

Platform : PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Mac OS X, PS4, Xbox One

Release Date : PC, PS3, Xbox 360 4 August 2010 / Mac OS X 1 December 2011 

PS4 Xbox One 19 May 2020 

Genre : Action-adventure 

The Mafia franchise has three mainline installments, but for this list, we’re going to highlight Mafia II. In this particular game installment, we’re thrown into a fictional city of Empire Bay during the 1940s. Coming home from war, players step into Vito Scaletta who realizes that not only does his family need money rather desperately but to make much of a life Vito joins the mafia to start banking some serious money. Similar to the previous installment, the game is set in an open-world map where Vito can explore and take on quests. With all that said, the game does feature some winter elements with players having to get used to driving in the snow. Not to mention, that this game opens up with players getting a feeling of the city where Vito makes it home from war and is forced to walk through some rough-looking neighborhoods as the snowstorm continues to hit the city.

#22 Mario kart 8 Deluxe

Platform : Nintendo Switch 

Release Date : April 28, 2017 

Genre : Action, Racing 

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, a game that everyone needed to pick up for the Nintendo Switch. Although, you can pick pretty much any of the past Mario Kart games for this list. Overall, Mario Kart is the dominating IP for kart racing games as you battle against other iconic Mario IP characters down the course by picking up power-ups. Chances are you don’t need any explanation of how Mario Kart is played, but the reason we have this series picked out on the list is that there are different themed levels. For instance, in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe you have several snow and ice-covered levels such as Ice Ice Outpost, the seasonal Animal Crossing map, and Sherbet Land.

#21 Metro Exodus

Platform : PC, PS4, Xbox One, Stadia, Luna, PS5, XSX|S, Linux macOS

Release Date : PC, PS4, Xbox One 15 February 2019 / Stadia 19 November 2019 

Luna 20 October 2020 /PS5, XSX|S,, macOS, Linux 2021

Genre : First-person shooter, Survival horror 

Metro Exodus is the latest installment to the Metro franchise which came out back in 2010. In Metro Exodus, game players will be going through the world after a nuclear war leaving almost everywhere in shambles. Likewise, players will still be dealing with a wide variety of hostilities such as the creatures that lurk about. Within the game, you will be stepping into the shoes of Artyom following the events of Metro: Last Light. Artyom is seeking to travel east to start a new life through the journey to achieve this new life will span across a year. There’s an entire level in Metro Exodus based around Winter. However, it’s the shortest of the levels with not a ton of objectives for players to complete.

#20 Minecraft

Platform : Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, Xbox 360, Raspberry Pi, Windows Phone, PS3, Fire OS, PS4, Xbox One, PlayStation Vita, Universal Windows Platform, Wii U, tvOS, Nintendo Switch, New Nintendo 3DS

Release Date : 18 November 2011 

Genre : Sandbox, survival 

Another iconic video game that we probably don’t need to dive too deep into is Minecraft. This video game is still just as popular today as it was several years ago. Fan’s can’t get enough of randomly exploring these generated worlds or trying to survive by gathering resources and battling against enemy mobs that appear in the dark. Over the years, the development team has continued to add more biomes into the world that adjusts the scenery and resources you can find. Included is the snowy tundra which is an area full of snow and if you’re lucky, the world may spawn in some ice spike biomes which are pretty rare but adds in some giant ice spikes added into the mix of snow.

#19 Rocket League

Platform : PC, PS4, Xbox One, macOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5

Release Date : July 7, 2015 

Genre : Sports 

Rocket League is a game that’s currently free-to-play and worth picking up. It’s a title that has players going through a makeshift soccer game where instead of actual players running around on a field, we have futuristic cars and a giant ball. With the cars equipped with rocket boosters to give players an intense speed boost and the ability to jump into the air, there’s a pretty steep learning curve to know just how to position yourself on the field from wherever a ball might have been hit. There are also some levels based around snow whether it’s a snowy stadium or even a game mode that puts players on ice which changes the ball into a giant hockey puck.

#18 Fall Guys

Platform : PC, PS4, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

Release Date : PC, PS4 4 August 2020 

Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, XSX|S Q2/Q3 2021

Genre : Battle royale, platform 

Fall Guys is a battle royale title that blew up in popularity. During the summer of 2020 where most of us were stuck indoors and quarantining from others due to the pandemic, Fall Guys launched giving players something new to enjoy. Here players are getting a title where a total of sixty participants are forced to go through a series of mini-games. They may be in the form of wacky races, memory games, or splitting groups up into teams to compete in a team-based challenge. However, only so many players are allowed to progress through to the next level until at the end there is only one player left standing. To keep things fresh, the development team has been putting out new season content packs into Fall Guys which changes up the in-game outfits players can unlock to the different themed levels to compete in. One of the first few updates this game received was themed around winter.

#17 Red Dead Redemption 2

Platform : PS4, Xbox One, PC, Stadia

Release Date : PS4, Xbox One October 26, 2018 / PC November 5, 2019 

Stadia November 19, 2019

Genre : Action-adventure 

Red Dead Redemption 2 offered players a prequel storyline to Red Dead Redemption. However, rather than put players back into the boots of John Marston, we instead get to follow a fellow member of the Dutch van der Linde gang, Arthur Morgan. Players are once again given the harsh old west setting where our gang of outlaws is seeking a quick payday and to claim some land for their own. Similar to the Grand Theft Auto games and even Red Dead Redemption, the title is set in an open-world environment where players can freely explore, take on quests and wreak havoc in small towns. Right from the start of this game, we’re thrown into the frigid mountains as our group attempts to evade the law. It’s here that we get our first lesson on how to read the land for wildlife and the clothes needed to stay warm. Of course, players can freely return to the cold mountains whenever they please to again further explore what may be hidden within the different mountainous hills.

#16 Rise of The Tomb Raider

Platform : Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, PS4, macOS, Linux, Stadia, PS5, Xbox Series X

Release Date : November 10, 2015 

Xbox 360, Xbox One November 10, 2015 / PC January 28, 2016 / PS4October 11, 2016 / macOS April 12, 2018 

Linux April 19, 2018 / Stadia November 2019 / PS5, XSX|S 18 March 2021

Genre : Action-adventure 

The Tomb Raider franchise has a few games where our fabled Lara Croft heroine is forced into exploring the colder frozen regions of the world. One of the more prominent installments that had a focus on cold harsh weather is Rise of the Tomb Raider. Similar to the Red Dead Redemption 2 installment we just got through, Rise of the Tomb Raider also starts players off within the tundra. Here players are scaling a mountain in some extremely harsh conditions that nearly force Lara Croft to abandon her journey. Lara pushes through and works her way to the destination. Although her expedition to uncover an ancient mystery may be foiled by an organization known as Trinity who will do anything to uncover the secrets first. Within the reboot trilogy of Tomb Raider, Rise of the Tomb Raider tends to be the better-received title.

#15 Silent Hill Shattered Memories

Platform : Wii, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable 

Release Date : Wii 8 December 2009

PS2 & PlayStation Portable 19 January 2010

Genre : Survival horror 

Silent Hill is an iconic psychological horror game franchise from Konami which has since been dormant. The developers that worked on this series internally were able to provide four installments before Konami disbanded the team and gave the IP to western developers. Unfortunately, those games were not as well-received as the original few installments. Still, some games are better than others with one of those being Silent Hill Shattered Memories. This was a reimagining of the first video game installment with Harry Mason attempting to find his lost daughter in the seemingly abandoned town of Silent Hill. Where things differ here is that Silent Hill Shattered Memories there is plenty of fog and snow flailing down limiting the view for players. However, unlike the first installment where players can combat against the hostile enemies found on the map, Silent Hill Shattered Memories puts a focus on fleeing from danger.

#14 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Platform : PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Release Date : PC, PS3, Xbox 360 November 11, 2011

PS4, Xbox One October 28, 2016 Nintendo Switch November 17, 2017

Genre : Action role-playing 

Skyrim launched back in 2011 and we’re still seeing it pop up with new releases on current-generation platforms. This open-world RPG throws you into a world that is full of lore, factions, races, and in the center of it all, a storyline that deems you as the central piece in how this world will change going forward. You’ll be able to freely explore, find new areas, meet people in need, and ultimately build your character up to the protagonist’s set of skills. Not to mention that there are different little societies as well and clubs such as joining a group of thieves or assassins. It’s also a game that readily throws out enemies from giants, wild creatures to bandits. Meanwhile, the game world is split into different kinds of terrains. You have areas that are just tundra with plenty of winter beasts to deal with. Small villages huddled together to thrive in the harsh conditions make things feel quite a bit barren. While the entire map is not based around winter or snow, a good portion of your time here will be spending in the snow.

#13 SnowRunner

Platform : PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Release Date : April 28, 2020

Nintendo Switch May 18, 2021

SnowRunner is the successor to Saber Interactive’s MudRunner. This game acts very much the same as its predecessor as players will need to carefully drive around different harsh terrains without getting their trucks stuck or losing their cargo. It’s a casual game where you can tune into your favorite podcast or music and simply plot out your routes as you travel around with your rig completing different objectives. As the name suggests, this game does feature some off-roading environments based around frigid temperatures with a mixture of snow, rock, and mud. With that said, there is multiplayer here so you can work with your friends in a cooperative game mode.

#12 Star Wars Battlefront

Platform : PC, PS2, PlayStation Portable, PS,4 Nintendo DS, Mobile Phone, Xbox, Xbox One

Release Date : 

First release Star Wars: Battlefront September 21, 2004

Latest release Star Wars Battlefront II November 17, 2017 

As mentioned earlier we would be hitting Star Wars and the infamous Hoth setting. The Star Wars Battlefront series puts players into different iconic and fictional battles within the Star Wars universe. Here players can battle against each other on either side of the force and while mainly you play as a typical foot soldier with their unique loadouts, players can unlock the ability to transform into one of the more iconic characters of the franchise such as Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader. At any rate, it doesn’t seem to fail that the series of installments would have a Hoth level where players are battling against each other on a largely frozen planet with soldiers firing at each other in the trenches or vehicles such as the large AT-AT.

#11 South Park Stick Of Truth

Platform : PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Release Date : March 4, 2014 

Genre : Role-playing 

South Park is a massively popular television show and it’s also packed with a few video game titles for players to enjoy such as South Park: The Stick of Truth. This particular installment has players following the new kid of the neighborhood as he winds up being pulled into a grand LARP game with the other iconic cast of characters from the show. Here players can venture around the iconic town and interact with familiar characters. Visually the game looks just like the animated series and the gameplay is a turn-based RPG. Players will find that the game is set during the winter season where the backdrop is full of snow-covered grounds and pine trees.

#10 SSX

Platform : PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, Game Boy Advance, Gizmondo, N-Gage, PlayStation Portable, Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Release Date : 

First release SSX October 26, 2000

Latest release SSX February 28, 2012

There are plenty of incredibly popular snowboarding games and the SSX series brought in an arcade snowboarding racer title for fans to compete within. This was a massive hit but unfortunately, the series has been dormant for a few years now. Overall, the game has platters barreling down frozen mountains as they attempt to beat others down to the finish line or performing a series of over-the-top tricks. Fortunately, there were plenty of snowboarders available to pick from which had their kind of style and stats giving players some strategy or attributes to kind of work with whether it was a race looking for fast agility, massive ramp jumps, to grinding down a rail. As mentioned, there were a few video games in this series IP but the last was SSX, a reboot of sorts that came out in 2012 and while reviews were positive, we haven’t seen the series make a return since.

#9 Steep

Platform : PC, PS4, Xbox one 

Release Date : December 2, 2016 

Genre : Sports 

Steep is a bit like SSX but rather than being more of an arcade snowboarding game, Steep provides more winter extreme sports activities. Developed by Ubisoft, players can snowboard, ski, or even use a wingsuit. Players could quickly snap around the different areas of the mountain as well so you can keep the gameplay going without really backing out into the menu. There’s certainly a lack of snowboarding and skiing video game titles out in the marketplace so this is one of the few available to pick up today.  

#8 Super Mario Odyssey

Platform : Nintendo Switch 

Release Date : October 27, 2017 

Genre : Platform, action-adventure 

A lot of Super Mario games feature some winter frozen settings including Super Mario Odyssey. The video game in general was a massive hit as Mario ventured to all kinds of different planets as he once again battles against Bowser with the hopes of saving Princess Peach. One of the planets in the Snow Kingdom where you have all kinds of areas around the world to visit whether it’s a frozen pond, racing through a big snow slope, or climbing up a frozen mountain. Just like the other planets in the game, there are a ton of different stars, or in this case, moons, that Mario can discover, unlock, and complete challenges for.

#7 Tom Clancy’s The Division

Platform : PC, PS4, Xbox One

Release Date : 8 March 2016 

Genre : Action role-playing, third person shooter 

Tom Clancy’s The Division is a third-person action-adventure type of video game that was strictly MMO-based. Here players take the role of an agent within the Division, which was made to be essentially the last stand for the government could rely on. Within the narrative, a new pandemic has hit the world, and to figure out who is behind it and to keep civilians safe, players are going through New York City in an attempt to take out any hostile threats. Players could go through the game as a PvP or PvE experience with players being able to connect with a squad of three if they wanted some help in completing the different mission objectives. Meanwhile, the game was mainly set during winter so you could expect snow particles or snow-covered streets.

#6 The Last of Us

Platform : PS3, PS4

Release Date : PS3 June 14, 2013 / PS4 July 29, 2014

Genre : Action-adventure, survival horror 

The Last of Us along with The Last of Us Part 2, includes some snow-based levels. We’ll focus on the first game to avoid any potential storyline spoilers for the main narrative. Within the first game, players eventually find Ellie and Joel at Lakeside Resort. Here, Ellie is mainly on her own as she seeks out resources to help Joel recover. However, there is a new threat that emerges leaving players in a fight for life once again, but we’ll avoid saying too much more than that as again, The Last of Us is a pretty heavy narrative-driven experience.

#5 Uncharted 2

Platform : PS3, PS4 

Release Date : October 13, 2009 

Genre : Action-adventure, platformer, third-person shooter 

Uncharted 2 from development team Naughty Dog continues with the action-adventure gameplay featuring Nathan Drake. Here players are again going to some tropical and exotic locations to uncover mysterious treasures. In this particular game, players start on the hunt for an old Mongolian oil lamp connected to Marco Polo’s failed voyage to China. Of course, during the game, players end up in some unusual places as mentioned, with the game instantly putting players into a wounded Nathan Drake stuck in a frozen mountain. These games are known for their large set pieces and you can expect that to carry over throughout Uncharted 2.

#4 Until Dawn

Platform : PS4 

Release Date : 25 August 2015 

Genre : Interactive drama, survival horror 

Until Dawn is a PlayStation 4 exclusive title developed by Supermassive Games. This particular title throws players into controlling a group of characters spending some time at a secluded lodge within the mountains. However, the group soon discovers that there is someone or something out in the wild. Fearing for their lives and trapped within the mountains, players are having to make tough decisions and complete a series of QTEs to keep characters safe. Although, you will find that each decision has a potentially grave consequence leaving every moment feeling like the last for an individual. As a result, the game has multiple endings depending on how many characters survive the night and which character mixes are left in the end. Since this game was released, fans have fallen in love with the gameplay and mechanics that Supermassive Games has continued to pursue with The Dark Pictures Anthology, but we haven’t seen a new installment quite hit the tundra setting like Until Dawn yet.  

#3 The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

Platform : PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch

Release Date : PC, PS4, Xbox One 19 May 2015 / Nintendo Switch 15 October 2019

PS5, Xbox Series X/S Q3/Q4 2021

Genre : Action role-playing 

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is arguably the best video game that CD Projekt Red has delivered. Fans got the conclusion trilogy storyline which had a ton of content to chew through. There’s plenty of areas where players are dealing with cold frozen areas but it’s also worth mentioning the number of mods that there are for this game on PC. For instance, there is the Winter Is Coming mod which further enhances the winter storms that players can progress the game within.

#2 World of Warcraft

Platform : PC, macOS 

Release Date : November 23, 2004 

Genre : Massively multiplayer online role-playing 

World of Warcraft is another game on this list that doesn’t need much explanation. This MMORPG has been around for years now and it continues to thrive today. However, there are some cold snowy areas to visit within the game but also some holiday events that play out. If you recall last year, there were the Feats of Winter Veil, where players were able to enjoy the holiday decorations and even partake in a snowball fight. There’s no telling just what will be popping up in World of Warcraft next.

#1 World of Tanks

Platform : PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, iOS, Android, macOS, Nintendo Switch

Release Date : 12 August 2010 

PC 6 September 2011 / Xbox 360 12 February 2014 / Xbox One 28 July 2015 

PS4 19 January 2016 / Nintendo Switch 26 August 2020

Genre : Vehicular combat, massively multiplayer online 

Lastly, we have World of Tanks. This video game is an online multiplayer game where players step into different tanks and battle against each other in a variety of game modes and team deathmatches. Similar to World of Warcraft, there are holiday-themed events that pop up for the game so players could unleash some battles in harsh winter terrain. For instance, the Winter Warriors season not only offered some snowy terrains, but it gave some players the ability to complete a series of objectives and challenges.