7 Best Xbox One MMORPGs

You will find a ton of different MMORPG options available on the PC platform but things can get a bit limited when you move to video game console platforms. If you’re wanting to scratch that MMORPG itch on the Xbox One then we have you covered. Below you’ll find some of the very best MMORPG titles you will want to take a look at for the platform today.

#7 Star Trek Online

Star Trek has become a worldwide phenomenon. Fans have been following the various shows and movies for years now. We’ve even seen video game titles release for the IP and eventually this lead to the creation of Star Trek Online. This video game follows after the events of the Star Trek: Nemesis movie. The United Federation of Planets treaty with the Klingon Empire has fallen and the two are back at war. Players will be taking the role of a captain of their own ship as they explore the galaxy and begin on missions to battle against hostile forces. As a result, you can expect a mix of space flight battles along with third-person RPG experiences when you explore a planet off the ship.

This Star Trek Online video game was originally a premium title but has since been moved to a free-to-play game. Similar to other games on this list, there are expansions as well which would give players new content and storylines to progress through. While this game doesn’t have as high of reception as other titles on this list, if you’re at all a fan of the Star Trek franchise then you should give this game a try especially since it won’t cost you anything to get started.

#6 Bless Unleashed

Bless Unleashed, interestingly enough, is a game developed for consoles rather than PC. This MMORPG is slated to hit PC at some point in 2021, but for now, this game is available for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms. With a lively and high fantasy world, players will get to dive into the action and partake in new quests and missions after first selecting their character class and customizing a protagonist to their liking.

Similar to Black Desert Online and Tera, this is a real-time combat game with players dodging and sending out a variety of different style attack moves against their opponent. With the game just getting started and has yet to even hit the PC platform, there’s bound to be plenty of content updates planned for the future so this is one title you should be keeping a close eye on.

#5 DC Universe Online

Superheroes are big right now, with the blockbuster line of films, countless merchandising, and a slew of comic books coming out, you can’t escape these mighty heroes. Did you know that there’s an MMORPG based around DC Comics IP? DC Universe Online puts players in control of their unique custom superhero or villain character at the start along with how it looks appearance-wise. Afterward, you get to tweak the power of your character, and off you’re sent into the game world. This game has been around for several years now after initially coming out into the marketplace back in 2011.

However, this game is still active and supported today. You’ll find that there is a ton of content to go through with this game. The development team has released a series of episodes which are storylines that are based around certain characters from the DC Comics lineup or factions. Like any free-to-play video game out there, this MMORPG has in-game purchases to further boost your experience and gameplay along but you can still find quite a bit of enjoyment without spending anything. With that said, the developers are still providing updates to this game and it might be something well worth investing time into during 2021.

#4 Black Desert

When Black Desert was first unveiled it gained massive attention online for the amount of character customization available for players to dive into. Visually the game was appealing and has gained quite a strong following over the years. This is a high fantasy game that follows the usual tropes you could expect. Ther are conflicting kingdoms, giant monsters, NPCs scattered around ready to give out quests, an active community of players, and some high-speed action-based combat mechanics. There’s a good amount of content to play through and best of all, this game supports cross-platform play so if you have friends with this game on the PlayStation 4 then you’ll still be able to connect online and go through the campaign quests.

While this game is still active today, the developers have since gone on to work on their next project called Crimson Desert. Initially, the game was supposed to be a prequel to the narrative of Black Desert, it has since been adjusted to be a standalone project with a new storyline and unique characters. Unfortunately, this upcoming Crimson Desert title won’t be available for the Xbox One console platform as it’s made for the latest generation of video game console platforms along with the PC.

#3 Tera

Tera is a game that’s been around since 2011 on the PC platform, but eventually, the game found a home on console platforms in 2018. This particular video game is a high fantasy MMORPG with a free-to-play model. Story-wise, the gameplay narrative is a bit interesting as the backstory that sets the title up is about two titans that have fallen asleep creating the land continents of the game. Meanwhile, as they slept their dreams have begun to manifest themselves in real life which crafted gods and mortal beings. Players will decide on what mortal class being that they would like to take control of and set off on their journey.

Being a game that’s been around for a few years now on the Xbox One console platform, you’ll find veteran players along with a mix of newcomers. With that said, knowing when to join in can be pretty crucial as you’ll find events taking place to offer players more experience which makes leveling up significantly faster especially if you don’t want to spend any money for the microtransactions. Meanwhile, the gameplay is pretty similar to Black Desert Online as you’ll have a real-time battle that can feel a bit like a hack and slash title in some regard.

#2 Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls franchise is a massive one that spans several installments. While fans have been waiting for The Elder Scrolls 6 to come out into the marketplace, there is an online MMORPG based around the IP which can help tie you over. This is a buy-to-play game so you don’t have to worry about any monthly fees but there are some microtransactions available along with a subscription-based service attached which are optional for players. This title takes place a millennium before the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim where players are roaming around Tamriel. Initially, the game narrative follows the fate of the world along with taking control of the power of Tamriel.

However, since this game launched, there are DLC expansions to give players even more content to go through. Still, this game acts much like other RPG titles as you’re given a sandbox-style world to explore with NPCs to meet along the way giving you new quests and gear to set you up for the main storyline progression. Likewise, being an MMORPG title you’ll have the ability to connect with friends or other players online to go through some of the different style dungeons or if you’re more interested in PvP content then you’ll find some gameplay appealing with areas made for PvP specifically.

#1 Phantasy Star Online 2

Phantasy Star Online was an instant hit for fans worldwide. When the game launched in 2000, fans were quickly picking up the Dreamcast along with the keyboard attachment peripheral and going through the game. Sinking countless hours into the title, this title lasted a whole lot longer than the Sega Dreamcast console. However, eventually, fans were done with the game and waiting for a sequel to come out. Fortunately, that sequel was announced and eventually released back in 2012. The bad news is that this sequel was only available for the Japanese markets. That left western markets without any chance of diving into this game with an official release in their region.

It took quite a few years later, but back in 2020 fans were finally able to dive into Phantasy Star Online 2 officially in their western market regions. Within the game, Phantasy Star Online 2 gave players a brand new experience full of content to play through. This is still a third-person MMORPG with plenty of questing and battles to take place as you begin your journey as a graduating member of the ARKS Cadet program. With that said, it’s worth noting that while this game is fairly new at this time, there is a move to bring players onto Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis this year. This game will come with new enhancements and a storyline that will continue from Phantasy Star Online 2, however, all of your characters and progression will carry over onto the new game. Likewise, both titles will remain active to give players a chance in diving into the game narrative from the start.