Top 8 Best Police Car Chasing Games

Who doesn’t love a good chase game? There’s the thrill of escaping along with those on the hunt. In this list, we’re going to highlight some of the best police car chasing video games you can play right now for the PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch platforms this year, 2021.

#8 Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

The Need For Speed franchise has been around for decades and one of the more iconic hits from the franchise was Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. This series first got its start back in 1998 as Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit and it found a sequel in 2002. However, it would be a few years later that the game would get a reboot of sorts with Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit by developers Criterion Games.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit launched in 2010 where players were able to race on the streets with a variety of luxury race cars while avoiding the police. This game was even remastered back in 2020 which means you can go through street races while attempting to avoid the police by whatever means necessary.

#7 Grand Theft Auto IV

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has been around for decades but for our list, we wanted to highlight Grand Theft Auto IV. This installment put players back in Liberty City where players step into an Eastern European war veteran named Niko Bellic. The city is relatively large and there’s a police force present that will give players a run for their money when they break the law. Unfortunately, the driving in the game was a bit off compared to the latest installment, but the mod community has been extremely present for this installment delivering some incredible mods such as LCPDFR.

LCPDFR stands for LCPD First Response which puts players into the role of a police officer arresting criminals. Being an officer, you’ll have a variety of options such as making traffic stops, check suspects, investigate them, issue citations, even arrest criminals where you’ll be able to throw them behind iron bars at your local prescient.

#6 Grand Theft Auto V

Going off from the last point, it’s worth pointing out that there is a mod for the latest installment to the Grand Theft Auto franchise, Grand Theft Auto V. This is essentially the same thing but with the mod focusing on Los Santos. Players will still be able to go through high-speed pursuits, track down criminals, fight off hostile enemies, investigate suspects, and go about other daily routines as a member of the Police force.

Being that this is the latest video game installment for Grand Theft Auto, the mod community is more active with even the entire LSPDFR getting updated to make use of the Cayo Perico Heist island. You’ll find that there is a lot of extra mods you can add into the mix which should give players more ability to tweak the police life experience even more realistic.

#5 Driver San Francisco

Driver: San Francisco was released back in 2011 as you step into the role of a police officer in a city full of crime. This is a game where players are thrown into countless car chases but with a unique twist. Within the game, players can quickly trigger an overview of the area and from there can select a vehicle to take control of. You’ll find that the game is all about races and chasing down suspects which the developers did a solid job at mimicking some over-the-top racing sequences.

However, there is a big downside to this title as the game was taken down from the internet. Since the title was delisted, there’s been a growing petition list with over 100,000 signatures requesting Ubisoft to bring this game back into the marketplace. For now, at the time of writing this description, it’s purely a waiting game to see just what happens with Driver San Francisco.

#4 Crew 2

The Crew 2 puts players on a massive map that represents different areas of the United States of America. Players will be able to freely roam around cities from coast to coast while also having the benefit of quickly switching between the likes of a car, plane, or speedboat. There was even an update that came out for this game that focused on police chases. Players step into a police interceptor vehicle and must take down outlaws before they can escape. You can even find a variety of different police vehicles and customization options. With a massive map to make use of, it was only a matter of time that we saw some police chase action get added into the game.

#3 L.A. Noire

Inspired by the novels written in the 1940s, film noir, and detective films like L.A. Confidential, L.A. Noire is everything we’ve come to expect from a detective game made by Rockstar Games. Set in 1947 Los Angeles, players take on the role of a detective solving crimes in a city corrupted by crime across five major divisions in the LAPD.

At the time L.A. Noire featured some outstanding facial capture technology that was used heavily to determine if a suspect was lying or telling the truth. When you’re not questioning suspects, the game will have players dig around crime scenes to find clues or potential evidence. You can even find yourself racing down the streets in your police cruiser to reach a destination. This game might not have received a sequel and it’s not a direct Grand Theft Auto clone, but there is a ton of fun be had here.

#2 Burnout Paradise Remastered

Burnout Paradise is set in an open world with players having access to a wide range of races. This is an arcade type of video game where players can speed down streets and participate in some massive crashes. That’s a highlight of this series as the crashes can become over the top with destruction not only to your car but other cars as well. Eventually, the game received a DLC pack known as Cops and Robbers.

This introduced a new game mode where players are essentially playing capture the flag where the police force is attempting to initiate takedowns against the opposing side. There are actually over thirty different police cars to pick from which range in different speeds, strength, and boosts. Currently, there is a remastered edition available for Burnout Paradise which enhances the visuals and comes packed with all of the previously released DLC including Cops and Robbers.

#1 Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 takes place in a fictionalized United Kingdom. With over four hundred licensed cars, players can race among each other through a variety of intense high-speed tracks. Likewise, some servers will support up to seventy-two players making races filling and competitive. Unfortunately, Forza Horizon 4 doesn’t have a dedicated police chase mode. However, that hasn’t stopped the online community from becoming a little creative.

We’ve seen plenty of players hop into a police cruiser and join online games where they venture out to find players speeding. The goal for police chasers is to successfully pull the player over to the side of the road. If successful, the player controlling the police car will consider that a win and can move on. Of course, there’s always the possibility that players won’t follow along and continue roaming the open world.