The Best PC Games of 2014

Top 20 PC Games of 2014

PC Games of 2014

We've removed the top two games from this list as they've been delayed into 2015, and replaced them with two surprise releases this year. Check 'em out. 

While 2014 will without a doubt belong to the new and shiny consoles, there are still games coming out for the PC. A lot of games. PC gaming is still far, far away from being dead. With the new consoles out, chances are, too, that PC games will start pushing the hardware again, something that has not happened in the past years, simply because the consoles most games were made for were keeping the technical ante down quite a bit (of course here’s to hoping the devlopers of cross platform titles don’t just go sloppy on PC optimization with the excuse of consoles now having more power…). Next year will also be a good year to be a PC gamer, and here we have twenty reasons for that, as usual in no particular order: 

20 Watch Dogs

Ubisoft’s too close for comfort near future smartphone-punk game has been shifted to 2014, which almost instantly makes it one of the most interesting upcoming games. As usual with Ubisoft, PC games will have to wait an extra month for the release, and can look forward to an unforgettable experience with Uplay. But still, this is one to look forward to. Chicago never looked so good. There will be tons of things to do, and if you don’t like the near future setting, you just have to squint and the game will pass as another entry to the Assassin’s Creed series.