Astral Chain: How To Fight Both Secret Bosses | Aether & Homunculus Alpha

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There are two hidden bosses in Astral Chain that are only available in the post-game. They’re both very difficult, so you’ll want to prepare yourself before even attempting to fight them — bring plenty of items, and be ready for a long fight. In order of difficult, Jena & Homunculus Alpha are the second toughest fight in the game, and Aether is the hardest boss.

Why is this special? Because this is one of the first Platinum Games to feature secret bosses and a post-game adventure. Astral Chain most resembles a different Platinum Games IP, Nier: Automataa game also featured a super-secret boss that was a little harder to reach than these, because it’s less of a linear action-game. It’s more like a police adventure-RPG, with optional quests and open-world areas to explore.

After you’ve finished the game, there are still challenges to complete, and here are two of the toughest, coolest challenges you don’t want to miss.

How To Fight Both Secret Bosses | Aether & Homunculus Alpha

Both secret, optional bosses in Astral Chain are only available in the post-game. You’ll need to complete the story, then complete the following challenges below to actually fight these bosses.

You’ll complete the game in File 11 — reload your completed save file to access File 12.

How To Fight Jena & Homunculus Alpha

To fight Jena & Homunculus Alpha, you need to complete the standard R1 Missions, then access the mission R1B3. Like both of these bosses, it’s only available in the Epilogue – File 12.

How To Fight Aether

To fight Aether, the toughest boss in the entire game, you need to return to Neuron HQ in File 12 and talk to Olive. She’ll give you special Combat Missions to complete — and Aether will only appear in Combat Mission 70.

This is easily the hardest fight in the entire game, so you’ll want to go in prepared. Unlock as much as you can, upgrade your gear, and be prepared for a very long fight.