How To Play PS4 On iPhone & iOS Devices | Remote Play Guide

Remote Play can now function on your iPhone and iPad. The 6.50 PS4 firmware update included this feature in a lowkey reveal on 3/8, and now it’s possible to play your games on your iOS devices — kind of like how you could play PS4 on the Vita. That undersold system didn’t explode in the US, but the iPhone is so ubiquitous, it can’t hurt to give this additional feature a try. And yes, it is possible to connect a PS4 controller to your iOS device.

How To Play PS4 On iPhone & iOS Devices | Remote Play
  • Make sure the PS4 is updated to the 6.50 firmware. Connect to the internet and it should automatically download.
  • Download the PS4 Remote Play app from the iOS app store. You can find it for free here.
  • Keep your PS4 on and follow the instructions on your iOS PS4 Remote Play app to complete the initial setup.

With this simple setup, you can begin playing PS4 games on your iOS device screen. You’ll have to use an onscreen digital touch controller with the app, but you can also use your phone’s mic for voice chat.

  • You can’t use any wifi network to stream on your PS4 — you can only use the same network. Your iOS device and your PS4 must be connected to the same wifi network to properly stream.

Even with a fast gigabyte connection, games will only stream at about 25 FPS. The digital touchpad controller is also pretty finicky, so don’t expect to dominate when it comes to online games — which you can still play.

And it is possible to play with a PS4 controller if you’re in Bluetooth range of your PS4. The trick is very simple — just connect to your main account to begin streaming as normal, then tap the PS button on your Dualshock 4 controller. Login to a secondary account — you’ll be logged into both accounts on your iOS device. Now you can use your controller — which is technically still connected to your PS4 — on your iOS device. Crazy, right? You can only do this within about 50 feet of the PS4, which is normal because you’ll also only be able to connect to the same wifi network anyway.