10 Video Games That Will Make You Cry

Just like all other forms of media, video games can really convey an emotion out of viewers. From battling down brute enemies for revenge to fun whimsical adventures suitable for all ages, there are all sorts of great video game titles available to play for any occasion.

However, if you’re looking for a real tear-jerker that will make your eyes water or pull on your heartstrings then you’ve come to the right list. Within this list, we’re going to showcase some of the saddest video game titles to have released into the market.

With that said, there are probably a number of video games you’re already thinking about. It would be easy to go back and select a few of the older video game titles that made us teary eye for one reason or another such as Red Dead Redemption. However, we’re going to look at some of the newer video game titles that left us heartbroken.

In this list, we’re going to showcase some of the saddest video game titles we’ve played in recent years. From character motives to the overall narrative journey, these are some video games that are best played with tissues nearby.

Without further ado, here are our picks for the saddest video game titles of the last few years. Likewise, we want to know what video game title, in general, made you cry the most?

#10 Life is Strange 2
life is strange

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Life is Strange made our list a few times and for good reason, the narrative journey is one that quite compelling and keeps players interest. The latest installment, at the time of writing this, is Life is Strange 2 which follows the same gameplay mechanics and set up as the previous installments. The game is focused around player choice and consequences though with this particular installment, it’s possible to unlock several different endings.

In this installment to the franchise, players take on the role of Sean Diaz, a sixteen-year-old teen that is focusing on what life will hold for him after high school. However, much like any family dynamic, Sean isn’t always fond of his little brother, Daniel, that tended to get in his way. After a tragic accident results in their father being shot by a panic police officer, Daniel unknowingly triggers his power that was hidden inside leaving the cop dead.

Fearing the law and what could come from this situation, the brothers flee across the country to Mexico. It’s a long and tough journey, filled with highs and lows. This difficult journey can also bring the brothers closer together or drive them further apart depending on your actions.

As mentioned, there are a few endings that players can pick up and they are all pretty depressing and honestly, it’s difficult to pick just one. We’re not going to spoil the ending of course, but all we can say is good luck on the choices you select during your campaign.

#9 Firewatch


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Firewatch was the first game to be developed under the studio Campo Santo. This is a walking simulator type video game with the emphasis of the title being based around the narrative that unfolded as you continued to progress. Set in the year 1989, players take the role of Henry, a man that’s starting his new job as being a fire lookout. It’s an isolated job as you watch a National Forest to ensure that there no fires that start-up though you do have the ability to talk with a nearby fire lookout, a woman named Delilah, through the use of a walkie-talkie. It’s through these conversations that we learn more about Henry and his decision to take on a job that essentially takes him away from contact and interaction with people.

The game is all about the story and as you progress you really start to uncover some saddening aspects behind Henry’s reason for taking the job. However, not only is it a sad backstory but you learn more about what happened to the last person that took the position before Henry. Not to mention that the alternate ending can be a real emotional pain to endure.

#8 Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons


To all the siblings out there, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons makes for a tear-jerking video game that puts players into a horrible narrative right from the start. This is an adventure game that will take you just a couple hours to complete and it’s rather easy to navigate through.

Within the game, players are following two brothers who must go on a grand adventure through several hostilities in order to bring back special water. The water is believed to heal their dying father though the journey itself will prove to be difficult to overcome for these siblings.

Again, because of its length, it’s hard to really showcase too much information without spoiling the narrative. With that said, this is a beautiful title with puzzle-filled gameplay and boss fights.

#7 Life is Strange

Life is Strange is one of those games that at first glance doesn’t seem to be something that would have such a deep narrative. But when you give it a try, you’ll have a terrible time when it comes to setting the controller down. There are so many elements to the narrative and journey Dontnod Entertainment takes you that it’s easily a great title recommendation for those that want a deeper story or to those that might not be extremely skilled when it comes to gaming.

Within the game, players take the role of a young adult named Max who is in her senior year of high school after she was accepted into a prestigious academy featuring a desirable photography course. This school actually takes Max back to her hometown of Arcadia Bay, Oregon and it’s with her return that she stumbles upon her past best Friend, Chloe.

Years have passed since Max left with her parents and their friendship slowly chipped away into nothing more than acquaintances. However, one day Max discovers she has a supernatural ability to reverse time and through it, she is able to rekindle her friendship with Chloe. But with all that said, there is something deeper that resides in Arcadia Bay and this game definitely doesn’t hold back.

You’ll learn of deep dark secrets the town has kept hidden along with morally tough and emotional choices that will alter the narrative. This is an episodic video game and with the entire season available, we highly recommend playing the game. Gameplay is aimed more towards puzzle solving and exploring which makes it easy for anyone to pick up and play.

We won’t dare spoil the narrative ending, but it’s certainly one ending that is still debated between fans of the game to this day.

#6 Life is Strange: Before The Storm
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Life is Strange: Before The Storm is actually done by a different developer. Instead of Dontnod Entertainment taking the reign during the production of this game, Deck Nine stepped up to plate and gave fans of the first installment some more substance to chew through. Within this game you’ll be taking on the role of Chloe Price, the best friend of Max from Life is Strange.

Again to avoid spoiling too much of either game, especially since Life is Strange is also included in this list, this game takes place shortly after Max moves away from Arcadia Bay. Chloe is left in a mess, something that we were very familiar with throughout Life is Strange.

However, with this installment, we got a real glimpse into what kind of trouble and issues Chloe Price had got herself into. Nothing seemed to have gone Chloe’s way until she finally bumped into a new friend that could take over Max’s place. This is a story that revolves around Chloe Price and Rachel Amber, the girl that was announced missing at the very beginning of Life is Strange.

As it stands, this is another emotional rollercoaster of a video game though if you pick the game up after playing through Life is Strange then this definitely gives new meaning behind Chloe’s relationships and her life in general.