Top PlayStation 4 Narrative Games Released In The Last Five Years

There are narratives really for just about every video game, though some take it a bit deeper than others. If you enjoy adventure titles that keep you pulled in from the story alone then you’ll want to check out our list below. We have jotted down our favorite adventure games that kept us playing to uncover more of the story until the bitter end.

These titles were not only fun to play mechanically, but a treat to enjoy as you dug deeper into the story in search of the ending. Here are the best narrative video games to have launch on the PlayStation 4 in the last five years.

#15 A Way Out

  • Developer: Hazelight Studios
  • Publisher: EA Originals

A Way Out is an action-adventure journey from Hazelight Studios which is the second video game directed by Josef Fares after his release of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

This is a unique action-adventure video game as it will require two players with the display being split-screen regardless of playing the video game locally or through online. All-in-all, the narrative is based around two prisoners who must survive and escape a prison. Their stories will be told simultaneously and while one character may be in a cutscene, the other will be able to freely move and execute their tasks.

As you can likely imagine, A Way Out will focus on gamers having to work together in order to escape the authorities and complete goals.

#14 Oxenfree

  • Developer: Night School Studio
  • Publisher: Night School Studio

Developed as their first debut title, Night School Studio released Oxenfree. This is a supernatural adventure video game that puts players into the role of a teenage girl named Alex. It’s within her weekend trip to a local island that events turn for worse leaving her and a group of friends stranded with a mysterious being.

Most of the game is revolved around choices when speaking to the other cast of characters while you explore the island in search for a means to escape. There will also be a few puzzles to solve as well, though the main center of focus is the story. Speaking of the story, the game will give players the ability to go back and replay the narrative a few times as there will be multiple endings available depending on the choices that you make.