Agony: How To Get Every Ending | All 7 Endings Guide

Agony is a weird, gross, maybe not-so-great horror game. It definitely isn’t my cup of tea, but if you’re into completely insane environments and sickening set-pieces, you could probably do worse. There’s a whole lot more to Agony than it first appears — and with seven different unique endings, there’s a lot to explore after finishing the game once.

After completing the game once, you’ll find extra modes you can play through that give you access to unique areas you couldn’t reach before. There are also collectible golden apples, unique items like Garments of Adam, and special steps you’ll need to take to find endings that aren’t quite normal. I don’t know if I’d describe any of these as the “Best” ending, or even a “Good” ending, but they’re certainly endings. Check out how to get them all in the quick guide below.

How To Get Every Ending | All 7 Endings Guide

There are seven extra endings to unlock in Agony. Let’s start from the easiest, and move to the toughest. The easiest endings to unlock are the following four — the last three are a lot more complicated, so I’ll need to explain those in more detail.

  • Normal Plus Ending: Complete the game normally to unlock Scene Mode. Play Scene Mode, and complete the game again — there’s an additional part after the final boss.
  • Slaughter Ending: Kill at least 70 characters — innocents, Martyrs, and monsters — and reach the Cathedral in Level 4.
  • Mushroom Ending: When you’re high on mushrooms, wait for 5 minutes and do not move. Eventually you’ll unlock an ending.
  • Wicked Ending: Complete the game in Succubus Mode.


Baphomet Ending: You need to defeat Baphomet in your first encounter in Level 1, then unlock a special room in the strange forest in Level 2 with a golden Baphomet statue you need to examine. After examining the statue, complete the Mushroom Mind section to see the ending. This is more complicated than it sounds.

To unlock Baphomet’s cave, you’ll need balance a scale, to balance the scale you’ll need to find two hearts. To find two hearts, you’ll need to find two paintings.

  • Finding the Paintings: Defeat Baphomet in Level 1, then reach Level 2. You need to find two paintings in the Floating Forest area. There is a Hanging Man painting on the right side of the area, where you can find Baphomet drowning victims. The second painting of stairs is on the left side, where you’ll get a view of the giant goddess statue and cauldron.
  • Finding the Hearts: In the Fractal Forest, enter the third dimensional rift located deep in the forest. There’s a set of stairs on it — enter it and grab the heart from the step-like stone rock. The second heart is found through the hidden fourth rift entrance. Reach the fire lake near the end of the area. In a dark, look for a small alcove on the left. Enter it, and grab the heart in the hanged man’s hands. Return to the golden scale at the start of the Fractal Forest and place both hearts on the scale.
  • Finding Baphomet’s Statue: If you have both hearts and you’ve placed them on the scales, leave the Fractal Forest and pass through the caves leading to the waterfall of blood. Right as you enter the caves, the special cave is straight ahead. Go inside and examine the Baphomet Statue.

Once you examine the statue, you’ll unlock the ending after completing the Mushroom Mind section.

Angel Ending: Find all four angels and then travel to the Tree of Life to witness the ending. There are four angels — one in each level.

  • Angel #1: Level 1 – After the Spider Pit, you’ll be able to access the angel’s chamber. The first time you play, the area will be walled-off. When you replay, the passage will be open.
  • Angel #2: Level 2 – Reach the Fractal Forest area and stick to the right-hand side. Hug the wall to find the angel — you can also start from the Golden Martyr’s cave and follow the right-wall around two corners and go up the stairs to find the angel.
  • Angel #3: Level 3 – At the end of the chapter, in the Forsaken Kingdom area, leave the building with the gold statues and stick to the left-hand wall. When you reach the branches, follow them to the angel’s location.
  • Angel #4: Level 4 – Before leaving the Forgotten Caves area and reaching the desert, take the left exit instead of the right one. Down this long left path, there’s another hallway on the right with the last angel.

Garments of Adam Ending: To get the final ending, you must find all the Garments of Adam. The garments are worn by wandering random martyrs. You can possess or kill these characters to collect the garments they’re wearing. Look for martyrs with fancy clothing. After finding all the garments, you’ll need to enter the Cathedral basement to trigger the most difficult ending to unlock.

NOTE: You must complete the “Wicked” and “Succubus” endings, and collected all five parts of the Golden Martyr Statue in the Cathedral area to unlock the Cathedral basement. 

  • Garment of Adam #1: Level 1 – When you drop into the pit, you’ll find a room to the right with a female NPC wearing the necklace. This may only be unlocked after your first playthrough.
  • Garment of Adam #2: Level 2 – Leaving the Floating Forest, you’ll need to climb a steep mountain and reach a cave with a bone gate. There’s a martyr NPC walking around in this cave with jewelry on his arm.
  • Garment of Adam #3: Level 3 – This one is easy to spot. Find this martyr wearing fancy robes on the second floor of the Chamber of Ishtar.
  • Garment of Adam #4: Level 4 – In the Plague Chamber filled with green fog, travel to the upper level and walk across the narrow walkways to find a platform in the corner of the area with a female martyr on the ground. If you look closely, you’ll see she’s wearing sandals.
  • Garment of Adam #5: Level 4 – Find the crown in the forgotten caves. Near the exit, take the left path (instead of the right) and go down the long path toward the desert. You’ll find this guy wandering around in the open.

After unlocking all five garment pieces, return to the Cathedral and go downstairs (if you’ve unlocked the basement by finding all the gold martyr statue pieces in this area) and you’ll trigger the last ending.