Detroit Become Human: How To Get The Best Ending | Endings Guide

Detroit Become Human is all about choices and it certainly seems that there will be a ton of them to choose through within the game. In fact, there are so many choices that each will alter the narrative storyline and can have grave consequences with your characters. Choices is also a big part in what ending you get at the end of the title so if you’re looking to experience every ending then let us lend a hand.

Within this guide, we’ll showcase just how to get the best ending of the game.


Warning: This guide contains spoilers!

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Best Ending Guide

In order to get the best ending you need to keep the following characters alive.

  • Connor
  • Hank
    • Must be friend with Connor
  • Kara
    • When fleeing police with Alice have Kara play dead
  • Alice
  • Luther
    • Tell Luther to go upstairs when the cop shows in Midnight Train and then later help him in Crossroads.
  • Jerry
    • Free Jerry by knocking out the police guards.
  • Markus
    • Use peaceful protest options but kill the police guard in order to save North when the time comes.
  • Simon
    • When at the Stratford Tower, use the following options Ruse, Draw Gun, Order, or Knock Out. Do not use the assault option.
  • North
  • Josh
    • Intervene when the guard attacks in the container ship.
  • Chloe

With all of these characters alive, players will be able to achieve the best ending for the game. If you would like to see the cutscene then take a look at the video posted above.

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