Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – All Grimoires Locations Guide

Grimoires are a foul boon that provides a pretty good boost if you can manage to keep one (or two!) until the end of the level in Warhammer: Vermintide 2. Grimoires are very, very well hidden collectible books that harm the party, but provide a +75% boost to your chestlevel when you hit up the end-mission loot screen. It sounds great, but grimoire runs are extremely challenging due to their curse effects.

Grimoires take up your Potion Slot, and take off about ~30% HP on all party members. Yes, that’s everyone, not just the sorry sucker carrying the grimoire. The curse increases if you manage to pick up a second grimoire. There are two in a level, and trying to win with  a grimoire in your inventory is extremely difficult. Just finding these things is extremely difficult!

All Grimoires Locations Guide

NOTE: There are two types of collectibles in Vermintide 2 — Tomes and Grimoires. For help finding the other type of collectible, check out the tome locations guide here.

Act 1.1 – Righteous Stand

  • Grimoire #1: Kreigsheim Barracks – After taking the elevator up to the barracks, hop over the bed / crates on your left to locate the first grimoire. It’s sitting on a stack of crates in a corner.
  • Grimoire #2: Northern Axe Bite Garrison – Before reaching the Northern Redoubt, just as you leave the top floor of the Garrison, turn right from the wooden catwalk — there’s a series of planks sticking out of the second floor of the tower. Jump across them and crouch to enter the window. Activate the lever inside the room and climb the ladder outside to the second grimoire.

Act 1.2 – Convocation of Decay

  • Grimoire #1: North Maintenance Shaft – Underground, when you reach the chamber with three buttons, press the left button twice. That will open the gate to your left. In the next room, look on the tall shelves for a clothe with a hidden button behind it. Press the button to open another door leading to the grimoire.
  • Grimoire #2: The Forgotten Sewer – Just as you leave the sewer but before reaching the Montfort Deep Shelter, you’ll have to drop down a large manhole. Down below, look around the room for a key — it spawns in a random location — and take it with you to the Montfort Deep Shelter.
    • In the Deep Shelter, look for a room with rocks that form a ramp on the edge of a room with a stone “walkway” above that you can’t normally reach. Climb the rocks and jump over to the stone platform. It leads to a room with a chest and a hole in the center.

Act 1.3 – Hunger in the Dark

  • Grimoire #1: Adelhelm Upcast – In this area, you’ll need to collect three barrels and place them in a cart. There are four barrels total in this area — after placing three in the cart, take the fourth barrel with you.
    • Follow the tracks to the right from the blockage. Go right, then right again until you find a tunnel leading to a wooden wall on your left. Blow it open with the barrel. The grimoire is in the back of the chamber.
  • Grimoire #2: Charnel Hollow – Once you open a gate and destroy the bridge with the cart, follow the path to the left. At the very first standing torch, jump on the rocks to the right to find an optional ladder. Go up and follow the rocky ridge path down and around to a cave with the second grimoire.

Act 1.4 – Halescourge

  • Grimoire #1: Merchant District – When you reach the massive sinkhole, cross the river flowing into the hole and hop down the rooftops until you can land on a balcony platform that leads into the house with a missing wall. The grimoire is on the bookshelf.
  • Grimoire #2: Stoltzhammer Weg – For a grimoire, this one is relatively easy. Near the exit to this area, there’s a tall house on the left. At the top, there’s a gross, green Nurgle sack. Shoot it to destroy it, causing a ladder to drop. Climb up that ladder, it leads to the second grimoire.

Act 2.1 – Athel Yenlui

  • Grimoire #1: Old Grisbaum Wilds – You’ll want to stay on the left side this time. Follow the left wall until you reach some rocky steps — use the dirt path between the rocks, then jump to reach the grimoire sitting on a boulder.
  • Grimoire #2: Athel Yenlui – This one is tricky. You’ll have to find three secret buttons in the ruins. Press all three, and a secret door will open at the steps. Go down and the grimoire is easy to find — if you can find the buttons.
    • The first two buttons are on the right side as you enter the ruins. The right path leads to a fork — left, center, and right. Go up the left ramping path and around the corner to find the secret button near the floor.
    • The second button is back at the fork. Go up the right side and find a corner with an elven sharp arch pattern in the wall. To the right of that, behind a crate, you’ll find a second button.
    • Back at the entrance, follow the left path up the large stairs. On the small balcony, there’s a secret button on the right, at the top of the steps.

Act 2.2 – The Screaming Bell

  • Grimoire #1: Milizengrube – Climb onto the elevated pathway on the street with the burning houses. From there, look for a crate covered by a tarp leading to planks stretching between the buildings. Hop across the planks to reach the grimoire.
  • Grimoire #2: Gebhard Strasse – In the statue courtyard, look for a ladder behind it. Climb up and navigate the scaffolding until you reach a hole you can drop into. Down below, grab the grimoire and escape using a lever to unlock the exit.


Act 2.3 – Fort Brachsenbrucke

  • Grimoire #1: River Eile – At the river crossing, stop and turn left. There’s a path leading to a rocky ledge. Jump across the gaps to reach an optional tunnel. Follow the path to an exit, where you’ll find the grimoire sitting in a destroyed coffin.
  • Grimoire #2: Old Fort Armoury – Use the secret button on the right side of the elevator shaft. Smash the barrels to find it — pushing the button will reveal the second grimoire.

Act 2.4 – Into The Nest 

  • Grimoire #1: Duraz Stromez – On the stairs landing, jump to the plank above the large doorway below. Follow the wooden planks, jumping along the left wall, to reach a dead end structure with this grimoire.
  • Grimoire #2: Kuchungkuchung – Pull the lever in this area, then backtrack instead of progressing. Go back to the room with the pipes, then take the ladder down. Go down another ladder to find the grimoire.

Act 3.1 – Against the Grain

  • Grimoire #1: Holzfrucht’s Orchard – Enter the farmhouse before the barn. Grab an explosive barrel and take it into the basement. Blow open the weak wooden wall and exit the cellar from the ladder. The grimoire is on a barrel above.
  • Grimoire #2: Holzfrucht’s Orchard – Go to the construction site and climb the ladder near the trailer. On the scaffolding, jump across the hanging platform and onto the unfinished mill. The grimoire is on the opposite end of the mill.

Act 3.2 – Empire in Flames

  • Grimoire #1: The Bloody Ratcatcher Tavern – This one is tricky. Enter the building to the right, before going up the main stairways path, and look out the window. Shoot the explosive barrel through the window, then backtrack outside. Behind the house, crouch and crawl through the new opening leading to this grimoire.
  • Grimoire #2: Cheese Traders’ Guild – Up the stairs, go left and into the alley between the buildings. Climb the boxes in the corner, and you’ll see a path you can jump along — from the crates, to the lantern, to the stone platforms jutting from the house. At the last brick, jump to grab the grimoire on the highest brick.

Act 3.3 – Festering Ground

  • Grimoire #1: Burghauer Balcony – Following the normal path of progression, you’ll drop into a cave. Look on the left side for a locked chest. Use a key you can obtain earlier in the mission to open it.
    • The key is located in the Whispering Grotto. On the bridge (made of loose wooden planks), drop down and look around the center column. The key is next to a skeleton.
  • Grimoire #2: Guard Outpost – Continue past the small campfire area to a ramp in the back of the chamber. There’s a bridge, and a hidden path below. At the other end of the bridge, drop down to a cave that leads to this grimoire.

Act 3.4 – The War Camp

  • Grimoire #1: Froschdorf – Enter the first old house on the right as you enter the zone. Around the exterior, there’s a torch marking two wooden poles. Jump on the poles, enter the house and fall through the floor.
  • Grimoire #2: Zuhause Gully – Once you drop down into the swamp from the high rock ledge, you’ll need to light three candles in the area. Light all three candles and the grimoire will appear on a pedestal.
    • The first candle is near where you drop down, right of the large boulder in the center.
    • Past the large boulder, there’s a tent and a tall rock. The candle is between the tall rock and the tent.
    • Go left from the rocky ledge you entered the swamp from, and cross the bridge. The last candle is behind a large boulder at the water’s edge.

Finale – The Skittergate

  • Grimoire #1: Under-Helmgart – Ride the elevator down to enter this zone. Enter the ruined house to the right, then jump across the rooftops in the rubble. The grimoire is near the ledge.
  • Grimoire #2: The Skittergate – Jumping down from a ledge toward the Skittergate, look for hanging platforms on cranes. One of these platforms has a crate containing the second grimoire. Shoot it down to collect it.